BAU Medicine Awarded Its Inventions That Will Provide Hope for Humanity in the Field of Medicine

Inventions that will bring hope to humanity have been awarded
Inventions that will bring hope to humanity have been awarded

The winners of the 3rd Scientist Selection Project Competition (BİSEP), organized to provide opportunities for the training of scientists and to support research and development in the scientific field, have been announced. Scientific discoveries that make a difference such as natural solutions to vaginitis problems and remote eye examination system, especially cancer treatments, gave hope.

Organized under the auspices of Bahçeşehir University (BAU) Faculty of Medicine in order to support research and development activities in the scientific field and to provide opportunities for the training and development of future scientists, the “3. Scientists of the future competed fiercely with their promising discoveries in the field of medicine with the “Scientist Selection Project Competition (BİSEP)”. In the competition, which was held for the third time this year and held online, students were awarded with important projects in the field of medicine. In addition to the projects presented by high school students in the field of medicine and health sciences, the veteran names guided and inspired the students in the light of science with their speeches. 107 project applications were submitted to the competition, which was held for the third time this year. Twelve of the projects, which were evaluated by a jury consisting of scientists and academicians from different fields, gained the right to present online.

Produced gel and pad for natural solution to vaginitis problems

Melisa Uysal from Private Aden Science High School, who won the first prize in the competition with the Investigation of the Possibility of a Natural Solution to Vaginitis Problems, said, “The inspiration that led me to do my project was that I had such ailments in myself and my family, and as a person against using drugs, I fell more on it. The reason why I chose this project was that there was no project on women's vaginal infections. One of the most common health problems faced by women is vaginal discharge that occurs for various reasons. Vaginitis, which manifests itself with these currents, is one of the important ailments seen in women. In this work I; I investigated the effect of extracts from T. erecta on some microorganisms that cause non-menstrual discharge in women, and I produced gels and pads to prevent these discharge. I started to prepare my project in 2019 and day by day I always put something on it and now I have a scientific article at this young age ”.

Breast cancer treatment without harming healthy cells

Neva Akburak and Sude Ezeroğlu from Izmir Science High School came in second in the contest with 'Investigation of the Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Obtained from Dental Implants on Breast Cancer'. Saying that cancer, especially breast cancer is one of the biggest problems of our age, Neva Akburak said, “It is a disease on which many researches have been made and treatments have been produced, but the side effects of these treatments are quite high. The aim of our project was to investigate whether a breast cancer treatment can be created by minimizing the side effects without damaging healthy cells, and while the jury members were asking questions, they also wanted to teach us competitors. Thanks to them, I learned a lot from the competition and both the juries and the officials in the competition were very supportive ”. Providing advice to those participating in the competition, Neva Akburak said, “They may have difficulties while making the project, preparing the presentation, but not giving up. Whether it reaches a result or not, the contribution of that project to the preparers and the scientific world is too much. That is why they should believe in themselves while preparing their projects and continue their work with great determination ”and concluded his words.

Remote eye examination system has been developed

While Berat Demir from Suat Terimer Anatolian High School was awarded with the "A New Approach in Cancer Treatment: The Relationship of miR-191 with SOX4 and NDST1 Genes and In Silico Drug Discovery" in the contest shared by two projects this year; The other project was "Development of Remote Mobile Eye Examination System with Cloud-Based Medical Objects Internet" by Çınay Dilibal from Private Nakkaştepe Bahçeşehir College 50. Yıl Science and Technology High School.

Çınay Dilibal, who developed a remote mobile eye examination system with cloud-based Internet of medical objects in an interdisciplinary project covering biomedical and medical fields, said, “The aim of my project is; Providing early diagnosis and simultaneous examination for possible disease symptoms detected in the anterior segment of the eye with the mobile online control method with remote access by the ophthalmologist for the eye examination of all patients who cannot go to the hospital, especially the elderly, frail and disabled patients, and also during the Covid-19 pandemic period. to provide patients with risk-free control and examination. One of my future goals is to create a product that can be beneficial to humanity as a scientist, so when I read the concept of such a contest, I thought it was time to share my first works in this field. Finally, the third place I won will be one of the main milestones that will motivate me to reach my future goals ”.

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