Ferries at Malatya Atabey Pier are taken into maintenance

Ferries at Malatya Atabey Pier are taken into maintenance
Ferries at Malatya Atabey Pier are taken into maintenance

The ferries in Battalgazi Atabey Ferry Pier are taken ashore and maintenance works are carried out by Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Transport Services Department. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the work done, said that the ferries will continue their services safely and comfortably.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality made an arrangement of 15 thousand m2 including 40 thousand m2 green area and landscaping in the Battalgazi Atabey Pier area. 39 camellia, 39 barbecues, 20 benches, 5 fountains, Children's Park and walking areas were built in the area besides the passenger waiting room, where citizens can rest and spend their time. In addition, 5 km of asphalt work was carried out in the area along with the application of 2 thousand m8 keystone.

Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the works carried out at Battalgazi Atabey Ferry pier, was accompanied by Deputy Secretary General, Department Heads, Branch Managers, mukhtars and relevant author company officials.

In addition to the RO / RO type 35 vehicles, 65 passenger capacity Battalgazi and 35 vehicles, 106 passenger capacity Arslantepe Ferries, the Danişmend Gazi Cruise Ship with 100 VIP passenger capacity, 2 accommodation rooms, 1 shower and wc and 1 kitchen. maintenance and repair is done.

Alper Ergün, the representative of the relevant author firm who carried out the works, said, “We landed our Arslantepe Ferry, which belongs to the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, about 8 days ago. We washed our ferry with 5 bars of water after landing in order to maintain it for a period of 500 years, which should be according to the rules of the sea. Then we wiped it with a sand blast. Again, in accordance with maritime rules, we applied two layers of epoxy primer. After the completion of our work, we will bring our ferry with water ”.

Head of Transportation Services Department, Abdullah Adanur, said, “With the instruction and control of Istanbul Ports Presidency, we landed our ferry for the maintenance that needs to be done every 5 years. We have two ferries between Malatya and Baskil serving our citizens. Our ferries are 360 ​​tons in weight, 17 m wide and 35 m long. One of our ferries has a capacity of 65 passengers and the other 105 passengers. Both of them have a capacity of 35 vehicles. We do our maintenance for the comfort of our passengers and vehicles, ”he said.

Kadıçayırı Neighborhood Headman in Alattin Eren thanked the Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan for his and his services.


Head of Malatya Baskiller Association, Yunus Görgün said, “One of our most important routes connecting Malatya and Baskil is our pier and Kömürhan Bridge in Battalgazi. Of course, care is important to increase the quality of human life. As is known, there was an important ferry accident in 2002. One of the main reasons of the accident was the lack of maintenance on the ferries and the insufficient maintenance that should be done periodically, causing these accidents to happen. Now our Metropolitan Municipality is very sensitive about this issue. In the slightest malfunction in the port, the officers intervene immediately and renovation and repair work are carried out. Taking care of ships every 5 years is the biggest indicator of this. We thank all the friends who contributed. We are pleased that our President also examines the works on site and is personally involved in the works ”.

HAK-İŞ Malatya Provincial President Bünyamin Geleri said, “One of the most important networks connecting Baskil and Malatya is our ferry pier. There have been many serious accidents in the past. Of course, serious lessons were learned after those accidents. Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, with the Department of Transportation Services, serves our Basque citizens seriously with our two very comfortable ferries, ”he said.


Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said that in addition to daily, monthly and annual maintenance, general maintenance and repair works are carried out on ferries every 5 years.

Chairman Gürkan said, “We have 3 ships at our pier. Two of them are ferries and the other is a cruise ship. One of our ferries is Battalgazi and the other is Arslantepe Ferry. It is important that the technical maintenance and maintenance of our ferries are carried out under the control and supervision of the Istanbul Ports Directorate. 5 of our citizens died in the ferry accident that took place in 2002, and we could not reach the bodies of both of our citizens. During the period of our Battalgazi Municipality, we were in a very strict follow-up at the point of navigating the vehicles in the pier and at the point of monitoring their technical maintenance. During this period, our friends are making great efforts to carry out the maintenance, repair and control of the ferries and other special ones that belong to us. The maintenance we do is usually done in the form of 13-year maintenance, annual maintenance, monthly and daily maintenance, and they are carried out by the technical staff of our related department, ”he said.


Stating that the Baskil Martyr Fethi Sekin Ferry pier area will be organized as well as the Battalgazi Atabey Ferry Pier area, Mayor Gürkan said, “In the following periods, we moved to Baskil side and at the point where the pier was built in that area, we had a meeting with the Baskil District Governor and Elazig Governor and Special Administration. "We made a planning study to meet the social needs of the citizens, at least with the waiting areas," he said.


Expressing that the maintenance and repair works of the Navigation and Pleasure Ship have been completed, Mayor Gürkan said, “In addition to our work in the area where our ferry pier is located, asphalt renewal maintenance and repair works were carried out by our teams along the route. On the other hand, we have a cruise ship in Malatya, which we call Danişmend Gazi. Maintenance and repairs of our cruise ship have also been made. On our cruise ship, I hope NGOs in Malatya, our successful students, that is, our people who contribute to Malatya and come for tourism to see the beauties of Malatya, we have done the maintenance and repairs of our Danişmend Gazi cruise ship in order to show the beauty of our dam and beaches. I would like to thank the relevant author firm that carries out maintenance repairs and the employees of our Transportation Services Department ”.

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