Eskisehir OIZ and First Development Area Connected to the Final Stage

Eskisehir OSB and development zone connection road has reached the final stage
Eskisehir OSB and development zone connection road has reached the final stage

The connection road between the existing OIZ and 1 Development Zone, which is under construction by Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone Directorate, has reached the final stage. The connection road is planned to be completed and put into service in June.

The works on the 2019-kilometer long and 1-meter-wide double round-trip connection road, which will connect the 5,5st Development Zone, where the first excavation was made in 40, to the existing OIZ, has reached the final stage. Eskisehir OIZ President Nadir Kupeli, Deputy Chairman Metin Saraç, Board Members Yavuz Ayva, Riza Zeydan, Hamza Tınas, Supervisory Board Members Hikmet Çetin and Samet Özkaya and Regional Manager Erhan Tatar made examinations on the connection road and received information from the authorities about the works.

It will take the traffic load on the ring road, prevent accidents

Eskişehir OIZ President Nadir Küpeli stated that they have reached the final stage on the connection road that will connect the two areas of the OIZ, and that with the completion of the road, there will be a serious decrease in the traffic density in the region and accidents will be prevented. These are the construction works of the connection road between the existing OIZ and the 1st Development Zone. We have reached the final stage in the construction of this road, which is 2019 kilometers long and 5,5 meters wide, where we first dug in 40. Our road will be two-lane round-trip. Although it looks like only a road from the outside, many infrastructure connection lines such as electricity, fiber optic cables for internet, wastewater treatment connection, which provide connections between the 1st Development Zone and our existing OIZ, were also constructed under this road. We have never used public resources in this way. We have done all of the expropriation, infrastructure and superstructure works with our own means and have spent a significant amount of resources. Thanks to this road, which was built with the financial resources of Eskişehir OIZ, a vehicle leaving the existing OIZ will be able to reach the 1st Development Zone without entering the ring road traffic, so that vehicles can travel comfortably between both zones without creating a traffic load on the ring road. will be able to carry, and many possible accidents will be prevented,” he said.

It will make a great contribution to our industry

President Kupeli stated that asphalting works will start in a short time on the road where the sub-base material is still laid, and said, “We are planning to make the connection road available to our industrialists and people in June. This road will also make a great contribution to our industrialists economically. Our friends are also trying hard to finish the road as soon as possible. Teams are always working. As the OIZ Board of Directors, we closely follow the work every day. Today, we have inspected the on-site construction works. We have given the necessary instructions. I would like to thank in advance all our employees, especially all the members of the Board of Directors, who contributed to the construction of this road. As Eskişehir OIZ Management, we strive to take steps that will continuously create convenience and added value for our industrialists and producers in our region in every investment we make, we contribute to the reduction of our industrialists' costs. We provide a very serious added value to Eskişehir's economy with our Eskişehir OIZ, which has grown rapidly in recent years and has become a favorite of investors with the important investments and studies we have realized. In addition to the 4 new allocations we have made from the OIZ in the last 100 years, we continue to strengthen our industry with the 2 new allocations we will make in the 120nd SME-OIZ. Hopefully, we will share the good news of some new investments with the public in the coming days," he said.

Günceleme: 13/06/2021 09:54

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