Choosing a Helmet for a Motorcycle

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The most important factor that makes it necessary for us to wear a helmet is of course our life. If we care about our lives, we must definitely wear a helmet. When you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, you will feel more secure. Going fast or slow has nothing to do with whether you wear a helmet or not. The main reason for this effort we make to protect our head is that our head is our most important organ to protect. Here are some key points:

Head Size

Undoubtedly, the most important factor is whether the helmet you will buy fits your head or not. You should feel comfortable when you wear the helmet. Otherwise, you will be distracted. When buying a helmet, you should look at whether it fits your head rather than the color. When choosing a motorcycle helmet, you should measure the circumference of your head and buy a helmet according to that size.

Not everyone's mindset is the same. In some head structure, the face part is thin and in others it is thick. You should also pay attention to this. To check if your size is correct, attach your helmet and fix it with both hands and turn your head inside to the right and left. If your head is spinning inside the helmet, you should try a smaller size, or if it is tight, you should try a larger size.

Purpose of Use

Your intended use is also an important factor in helmet selection. If you are using a speed motorcycle, you should definitely buy a "fullface" or Modular (Fully Closed or Openable Jaw) helmet. Helmets with open jaws are not safe on these types of motorcycles.

However, we recommend that you always use a full-face helmet. You have to fully secure your head at all times.

Also, the most common situations are helmets that are usually bought to get rid of the traffic police. These types of users take the greatest risk by putting their lives in danger. We're talking about those who wear helmets to avoid safety rather than helmet punishment. The helmets worn by this type of wearer are nothing more than a formality. They are the worst helmets as they are very low in price. If you care about your life, do not behave like that.

Whichever motorcycle you use, no matter what speed you go, you should definitely wear a helmet. Because life is your life and it is necessary for you.


When using a helmet for a long time, your head will be stuffy and disturb you. It makes you sweat and restless. Therefore, when choosing a helmet, make sure that it has a ventilation feature. In fact, many helmet models have ventilation, but they do not function well. You should pay attention to how effective the ventilation feature is.


This feature is a must-have feature. The helmet has a belt system under the chin. This system should be useful. You need to pay attention to the usefulness and quality of this system in order not to have to adjust it every time. Open helmet or half helmet It is the helmet group with various names such as, may be the best choice in terms of appearance and comfort and the weakest in terms of protection. Open helmets protect your head up to ear level, your face and chin remain completely open. It is very difficult to use it in cold weather due to its plenty of air. In terms of sound insulation and security, one should not expect much from open helmets.

Glass feature

The helmet glass protects you from the wind and the factors that will hit your face. Therefore, the glass of the helmet you will use must be of high quality. It must be scratch-resistant and durable. In addition, the glasses of poor quality and unsafe helmets cause your viewing angle to deteriorate after a certain use.

Another suggestion is that your helmet should have anti-fog glass feature. As you breathe in and out, the glass of your helmet gets fogged. This distorts your view. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to this feature.

Your Usage Time

The usage time of a helmet is an average of 5 years. That's why you should change your Helmet every five years. In addition, this life depends on the way you use your helmet. If you have dropped your helmet repeatedly or have had an accident, we do not recommend that you wait for this period to pass.


You should be careful to buy light helmets. Because, after a certain time, the weight of the helmet starts to disturb you and make your neck ache.

Helmets with opened jaws are heavier than other helmet models. The lightest helmets are open helmet models that are completely unprotected. But when comparing weights, you should definitely classify helmets of their own class.

We are sure that the most read and curious factor is the price. Dear motorcycle users, the last thing to look at when choosing a helmet is the price. Your life is worthless. Therefore, do not choose a helmet by looking at the price.


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