BARBAROS and GABYA Class Frigates Modernized with ASELSAN Gyro Systems

Barbarosse and gabya class frigates modernized with local gyro
Barbarosse and gabya class frigates modernized with local gyro

Within the scope of the Barbaros and Gabya Class Frigate Gyro System Agreement, the acceptance tests of ASELSAN ANS-510D Naval Gyro Systems were successfully completed at TCG BARBAROS Command and TCG GÖKSU Command.

Within the scope of the project carried out to modernize the existing main / auxiliary gyro systems in Gabya and Barbaros Class Frigates with gyro systems from ASELSAN, the final acceptances of the first two ships have been completed. Port Acceptance and Sea Acceptance Tests of ASELSAN ANS-510D Naval Gyro Systems, whose design, assembly, cabling, fixing and integration activities were completed, were carried out at Gölcük Naval Command (Kocaeli) with the participation of the Ministry of National Defense and the Naval Forces Command.

The ANS-510D Naval Gyro System, developed nationally and uniquely by ASELSAN, is an inertial navigation system with an embedded global positioning system (GPS) receiver and a longline interface, continuously transmitting linear acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position and orientation information to the platform on which it is integrated. provides. ANS-510D, which can provide integrated (Inertial + GPS), inertial only and only GPS navigation solutions at the same time, is also capable of working with an external GPS receiver.

Basically, the Marine Gyro System consists of the ANS-510D Inertial Navigation System, the Synchro Inverter Unit (SCU) that provides compatibility with the ship platform interfaces, and the Control and Display Unit (KGU) units that provide the user control and display interface.

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