Bandırma Port Freight Transport Amount Will Be Increased From 800 Thousand Tons To 1.5 Million Tons

TCDD General Manager Examined at the Convenient Bandirma Port
TCDD General Manager Examined at the Convenient Bandirma Port

General Manager of Turkish Republic State Railways (TCDD) Ali İhsan Uygun made observations at Bandırma Port.

TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Ergun Yurtçu and his delegation visited Kuşcenneti Station Chief, which serves as the back area of ​​Bandırma Port and has an annual loading / unloading capacity of 550 thousand tons. He received information about the improvement and expansion works to be carried out in the region in order to meet the increasing logistics needs. Work was carried out on the roadmap on capacity increase and investment plans for the coming years.

After that, Uygun proceeding to Bandırma Port and the staff on duty at the port for a while. sohbet did. He listened to the views of the employees at the port about the port and the work done. Stating that TCDD is a family, “Our work is always going well with your efforts and efforts. Together with you, we are preparing our country for bigger goals and stronger tomorrows, ”he said.

In the technical meeting he held, General Manager Uygun said that they will increase the amount of freight transport from 800 thousand tons to 1.5 million tons at Bandırma Port, which is one of the gates of our producing and growing country to the world. The issues of coal and acid transports that can be added to the existing transportation and the registration of the 10 thousand maneuvering locomotives used by the company were discussed and new targets were determined.

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