Applications for Istanbul Research Institute Scholarships have started

Applications for scholarships from Istanbul Research Institute have started.
Applications for scholarships from Istanbul Research Institute have started.

New semester applications for the scholarship program, in which the Istanbul Research Institute supports pioneering studies on Istanbul with new approaches and unpublished documents, has started.

The Istanbul Research Institute continues this year to support researchers who carry out pioneering studies on Istanbul with new approaches and unpublished documents, with a scholarship program. The deadline for applications for four different categories of scholarships for the 2021-2022 period is July 5, 2021.

Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Istanbul Research Institute continues to provide scholarship support to researchers working on the Byzantine, Ottoman, Atatürk and Republic studies departments and the "Istanbul and Music" Research Program (IMAP). The Institute awaits applications in the categories of "Postdoctoral Research and Writing", "Research and Writing for Doctoral Candidates", "Travel" and "Academic Activity" in the period of 2021-2022. With the new approach and unpublished documents, applications can be submitted to the program until July 5, 2021, where the researches that will contribute to Istanbul studies are evaluated.

Aiming at a wide audience ranging from graduate students to researchers who have completed their doctorate, scholarships are divided into 4 different categories according to their areas of use. The Post-Doctoral Research and Writing Scholarship provides 1 TL for the work of 40.000 researcher who completed his doctorate at most five years ago, and the Research and Writing Scholarship for PhD Candidates provides 1 TL for the field or archive work required for a doctoral thesis of 30.000 PhD candidate. Travel Scholarships given to support archive or fieldwork and Academic Activity Scholarships for presenting papers or organizing panels in conferences, symposiums and workshops abroad provide 5 TL support to 5.000 researchers from both categories.

Istanbul in the light of inter-communal relations

Last year, from press censorship in occupied Istanbul to the life of the middle-class Greek Orthodox population in the early 20th century; Original research on many topics ranging from the 19th century British Imperial Gothic found in the buildings in Yassıada to the treatment of the concept of Istanbulite in Greek novels and cinema was supported by IAE scholarships. Orçun Can Okan, who completed his doctoral studies at the Department of History at Columbia University, was deemed worthy of the 2020-2021 Postdoctoral Research and Writing Scholarship for his research on the controversial employment policies undertaken in the journey from the empire to the Republic, while his work sheds light on the curious world of 19th century Galata taverns. Sultan Toprak Oker has been awarded the Research and Writing Scholarship for Doctoral Candidates.

Researchers who are entitled to participate in the scholarship program of the Istanbul Research Institute also find the opportunity to share their work with a wider audience with the "Scholarship Speeches" launched last year. Of the institute YouTube The speeches broadcast on the channel can be watched here.

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