6 of the Numerous Reasons Why Having Car Insurance Is so Important

Why You Should Have Car Insurance

Whether you just started driving or have years’ worth of experience, car accidents are more common than you’d imagine, and you’re always at risk. Studies have shown that on average, there are about 6 million car accidents in the US alone. While you should drive as best as you can and follow all traffic rules, you should also have some backup measures in place in case there’s an accident. Many drivers don’t deem car insurance to be of much importance and face heavy losses due to that in an accident. Accidents are traumatic enough for any person; you shouldn’t have to worry about paying for damage repairs on top of all that. To further emphasize, here are 6 of the numerous reasons why having car insurance is so important for you.

1. Protect Yourself and Others

Car accidents can be mild or severe and can happen to anyone. With the proper car insurance, you can not only protect yourself, but your family members, passengers, and anyone else who was in the accident. In many instances, the drivers in the car accident don't have the proper insurance. You can save yourself or your passengers, if any, from being served with a lawsuit of any kind. The insurance company will have your back.

2. Save Time and Hassle

Car Insurance saves you ample time by not letting you get your lawyer and do your investigation and go to courts. All of this is completely managed and taken care of by the insurance company so that you only focus on recovering from the trauma of the accident. Their professionals come over, do their own analysis, and their expert lawyers step in to find fault with the other driver so that you can claim it before the other driver does. All these time-consuming activities of finding a lawyer, gathering evidence, and gossiping with the other driver are removed altogether from the equation.

3. Follow The Law

Car insurance is no joke, and there are actual laws regarding this matter. Approximately every state has laws in place for the driver that he has to have valid insurance. Even if the insurance is as minor as to just cover the liability, this liability could be in the form of a person or damaged property; information found at insurancenavy.com/dui-second-offense can provide details regarding DUI offenses and why you should have insurance ready. In case you're caught while driving without insurance, be ready to write a fat cheque because you're going to have a pretty decent fine for it.

4. Essential for Lending or Leasing a Car

Insurance just isn't some money for safety, if in case something happens. They're not at the start of the chain as well. As it turns out, lenders or leasing agents don't let you buy the vehicle until and unless you buy collision insurance and comprehensive coverage because these two things protect their investment in case things go south. Without valid insurance, you can't even bend or lease a car nowadays.

5. Provides Financial Support

A day is going to come when you do get involved in an accident because of someone else’s fault. All the damages are done to the other driver, his car, or any other property will need to be fulfilled by you. This is why insurance is a lifesaver because these costs or damages aren't cheap. With the help of a liability service, the insurance company will play its part and help you pay a healthy amount of the total cost so you don't have to use your mortgage to pay for the damages.

6. Provides Non-accident Protection

It's not set in stone that your car is only going to be damaged by accident only. Aside from an accident, there are so many other ways that can harm you or your car, and theft is one of the possibilities. If your car is stolen, the insurance company will provide protection and play its role. Apart from theft, there are a couple of other possibilities as well. Your car can be vandalized or even harmed by nature, such as land sliding, falling off a tree, or even an earthquake. Even in such grave conditions, the insurance company will help you.

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You can never predict what the future entails, and accidents certainly don’t knock before happening. It's wise to have an insurance plan in your arsenal, so if you do get in an accident, all you have to worry about is your health, and the insurance company will take care of the rest. Given above are 6 reasons why having car insurance is of the utmost importance in today’s time. It gives you numerous advantages ranging from financial to medical support if needed.

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