Top Gadgets For Motorcycle Riders In 2021

Motorcycle Accessories

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, then a motorbike can greatly with your passions. But then again, this will not be enough as you’ll not only need safety equipment but there are also additional entertainment needs that will help when riding. Riding a motorbike deserves some stress-free time. To help you out, below are top gadgets for motorcycle riders in 2021.

Motorcycle Helmet

There is no excuse for having a low battery on your phone, especially when you need to communicate with your loved ones. Although most new generation motorcycles come equipped with a helmet all-inclusive with this feature, there are motorbikes that do not have it. You’ll have a USB port that helps power not only your phone but will have an included GPS tracker, camera, and the best speakers for helmets . These are critical when riding your bike in the great outdoors as you’ll be provided with your entertainment needs and not forget your communication needs. These are equipment that will be easy to connect, call without having to stop, and protect you from accidents. There are, however, factors that will need to be considered before investing in such equipment. Such might include:

  • Sound quality
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Battery life
  • Your daily use

One thing to note is that riding in silence can seem boring at times. Having a helmet enabled with a Bluetooth feature will help any music enthusiasts to make those rides entertaining. When enjoying your rides, you need a helmet that features an in-helmet communication system that can connect up to four riders at the same time. Volume adjustment for music, calls, and noise reduction should be effortless as the helmet comes with adjustable dials.

Motorcycle Action Cameras

The camera is the number one gadget for a motorist to ensure that you document your adventures. You need to find a camera that is equipped with cutting-edge technology that ensures your videos are high quality by guaranteeing that the camera is steady at all times. You need a cam that can record videos at resolutions of as high as 1440p, ensuring your memories last forever.

Motorcyclists are adventurous and they need to have some backed up evidence of the squirrels they met on the way, rude motorists, and accidents that needed to be documented. Ensure to find a camera with an incredible battery pack that makes sure you do not have to cut-shot your documentations. Also, make sure that the camera makes it easy when sharing pictures or videos. Having a camera with Wi-Fi features can greatly help with connectivity.

Bike Locks


  • Your bike's security will be paramount whenever the bike is parked. There are crime hotspots that you’ll need to be cautious of and this might require that you invest in a bike lock or chain. Whenever your bike is not in use, make sure that it’s tightly locked to prevent theft . Whether you have insurance in place, this is a gadget that can greatly help reduce some stress and anxiety. Here’s what you need to know when picking the right type of motorcycle lock:
  • Type - There are so many types of motorcycle locks and it will be in your best interests to choose a lock that suits your needs. Such will include chains and lock anchors, ball joint locks, disc locks, and U-shackle locks
  • Brand - The brand of the bike lock you choose will be critical as it will help to determine quality and cost. Be sure to go for renowned brands as this will help to provide you with some peace of mind
  • Cost - It’s said that cheap is expensive and this saying couldn’t be any truer. Top quality bike locks will not come cheap, so ensure to have made prior budgeting plans
  • Material of construction - Steel is always a trusted and the best material when it comes to motorcycle locks. Do not give in to materials that are cheap and of lower quality. Consider investing in heavy-duty materials that are not easy to be corroded. This will have to also include stainless-steel products

These devices come in handy in ensuring that your motorcycle and accessories are secure. Theft is a great concern for most riders. Unlike cars, and when it comes to a motorbike, everything is in the open. Some of the available locks are helmet locks, steering locks, among others. You might also go for locks with alarm-enabled systems to alert you when things go wrong.

2021 has seen the introduction of most motorcycle gadgets. This list provides only a representation of the most relatable gadgets that will help with your entertainment needs, security, and safety.

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