Young İzmir Logo Will Be Determined By The Votes Of The People Of İzmir

young izmir logo will be determined by the votes of the people of Izmir
young izmir logo will be determined by the votes of the people of Izmir

The digital youth center Genç İzmir, which was put into service by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of raising the voice of the youth and bringing a young perspective to every issue related to urban life, will choose its logo with the votes of the people of İzmir. It is enough to visit “” address to determine which of the five designed logos will be used.

Bringing life with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to make young people have a say in the city and create opportunities for their development, Genç İzmir determines its logo with the votes of the young people of İzmir. Visitors to “” can participate in the voting by choosing the logo they like.

4 thousand young people benefited from online education

Young İzmir, where a series of works from seminars to courses, workshops to volunteer organizations were gathered under one roof, attracted great interest from the young people of İzmir during the pandemic period.

The digital youth center Genç İzmir, which started its activities on the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Festival on 19 May 2020, has provided nearly 4 thousand young people from İzmir with the opportunity to develop innovative ideas, projects and activities with its numerous online education services. Young people from all districts of Izmir came together 90 times with activities such as personal development seminars, courses and workshops on the digital platform, where young people from all districts of Izmir benefit from online training.

The Big Brother and Sister Project, which has been continuing uninterruptedly since 2007 and was suspended due to the pandemic, was moved to the digital platform in cooperation with Izmir University of Economics and UNICEF, and volunteers and siblings were brought together again.

PI Youth Association for 30 youth workers from the local Youth Association for Network within the scope of Turkey's different places Historic Gas Factory Youth Campus in youth work and did workshops about the problems, shared ideas about the contents of the youth center.

Volunteer work continues

Following the earthquake in İzmir on 30 October 2020, 638 Young İzmir members showed a good example of solidarity by taking part in many jobs in the tent areas established. 85 Young Izmir members voluntarily took part in Maraton Izmir, which was held for the second time this year, according to their professional branches and interests.

Young Izmir unit in Örnekköy

During the normalization period, the activities planned to be face-to-face within the scope of Genç İzmir works will be carried out in the Historical Gas Factory Youth Campus and Genç İzmir unit within the Örnekköy Social Projects Campus.

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