Concentrated Dynamic Control Begins Today

intensified dynamic control starts today
intensified dynamic control starts today

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular on Intensive Dynamic Inspection Activities to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the circular, it was reminded that the decision of partial closure was taken and new measures were put into practice. It was stated that the control of these measures is as important as the measures taken to combat the epidemic.

In the circular sent across the country, the following issues regarding the inspections to be carried out during the partial closure process were stated:

1. The focal point of the inspections will be the curfew restrictions, intercity travel restrictions, measures regarding accommodation facilities and compliance with the opening and closing hours of the workplaces.

2.A guiding approach will be displayed to invite business owners / employees and citizens to obey the rules / act responsibly in all kinds of auditing activities to be carried out; The processing facility will not be avoided.

3.In this context, inspections will be carried out in which law enforcement officers participate at maximum capacity (reinforced with the staff / officers of other institutions and organizations) under the coordination of our Governors and District Governors, especially on weekends where the curfew will be applied.

4. Preparations for large-scale audits will start on Thursday, April 15, 2021, and intensified auditing activities will be carried out on Saturday and Sunday, 17-18 April 2021, with the participation of the highest level personnel. From 17-18 April 2021, Saturday and Sunday, intensified inspection activities will be focused on the period and days in which curfew is applied.

5. In the audit activities for the curfew restriction;

5.1- Inspection activities will be intensified around the important streets, boulevards and squares of the cities, public transportation points and workplaces such as markets, grocery stores, greengrocers, butchers and dried fruits.

5.2- During the period and days when the curfew is applied, the people outside will be stopped and checked one by one and whether there is any exemption from the curfew, the reason, time and route of the exemption will be checked.

5.3- It will be checked whether the exemption from the curfew restriction granted to foreigners who are in our country for a temporary / short period only within the scope of touristic activities is used by other foreigners outside the scope.

5.4- During the curfews applied on weekends, it will be checked whether our citizens act in accordance with the rule that the market, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher and dried fruit shops, which can operate between 10.00-17.00, can only go to the closest ones without using a vehicle and only to meet the necessary needs.

5.5- During the curfews applied on weekends, our citizens aged 65 and over, who are not covered by any exception, and our youth and children under the age of 18 will be ensured to comply with the curfew.

6. In inspection activities for intercity travel restriction measure;

6.1- Checkpoints will be established at all entrances and exits of the cities by ensuring the necessary coordination between provinces in order to control the intercity travel restriction during the period and days in which the curfew is applied.

6.2- All intercity travel vehicles will be stopped and it will be checked whether the persons in them have travel permits and whether their travel is compatible with the exemption reason, time and route.

6.3- In the inspections to be carried out in intercity public transportation vehicles, whether the obligation to query the HES code is complied with and whether the passengers traveling with these vehicles have a valid HES code will be scrutinized. Judicial and administrative sanctions will be imposed on passengers who are understood to be traveling without the HES code and on public transportation vehicles that do not comply with the obligation to query the HES code, and their travel will not be allowed.

7. In inspection activities for accommodation facilities;

7.1- It will be checked whether the accommodation facilities have a Safe Tourism Certificate and a notification will be made to the authority issuing the license for the facilities that do not have a Safe Tourism Certificate.

7.2- It will be checked whether the HES Code query is made at the entrance to the facilities, whether the notifications of the customers are made in accordance with the legislation and whether the customers in the restaurants or restaurants are among the persons who have been notified in accordance with the provision of Annex 2 of the Identity Notification Law. Fake booking etc. Fraudulent roads will be prevented and the abuse of exemptions for those staying in accommodation facilities will be prevented.

7.3- Whether the eating and drinking places in the accommodation facilities only serve the guests who are staying, whether the limitation of serving a maximum of two people at the table is complied with, the food and beverage service, especially in any part of the accommodation facility or at certain time intervals, whether measures have been taken to prevent them from coming will be inspected.

7.4- Live music will not be allowed in restaurants, restaurants and other hotel halls in the accommodation facilities until May 17, 2021. It will be ensured that the music broadcasts will be ended at 21.00:XNUMX at the latest.

7.5- Compliance with the measures and rules specified in the relevant Circulars for accommodation facilities and the Ministry of Health Outbreak Management and Work Guide will be checked in detail.

8. In the audit activities for the opening and closing hours of the workplaces;

8.1- Places such as Turkish bath, sauna, beauty center / salons, astroturf, swimming pool, gym, amusement parks and theme parks, coffee house, coffee house, cafe, association club, tea garden and internet It will be checked whether the café / hall, electronic game areas and billiard halls are closed.

8.2- In order to comply with the curfews, all workplaces (except those with an exception) will be closed at 18.00:XNUMX on weekdays.

8.3- It will be checked whether the eating and drinking places accept customers at the table in open or closed areas and whether they comply with the time limits set for take-and-take delivery.

8.4- It will be checked whether the market, grocery store, greengrocer, butcher and dried fruit shops, which are expected to operate between 10.00-17.00 during the curfews applied on the weekend, act in accordance with the opening and closing hours.

8.5- During the month of Ramadan, pita and bread production, including special order production, will be terminated 1 hour before iftar, and it will be checked whether sales are made from this time until iftar.

9. Data on the activities carried out as a result of the audit studies will be entered into ISDEM instantly and the results will be analyzed in terms of district, province and country via ISDEM software.

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