Domestic Machine Gun PMT-76 / 57A Entered Inventory

domestic makinali tufek entered the inventory of pmt
domestic makinali tufek entered the inventory of pmt

Platform Machine Gun PMT-76 / 57A, developed by the Turkish Ministry of National Defense affiliated Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), was taken into the inventory and put into Mehmetçik's service.

In the transfer made during the "Life of Mehmetçi, Empowered by Domestic and National Technology", it was stated that the Machine Gun PMT-76 / 57A was in the inventory.

“Platform Machine Gun PMT-50 / 76A, which has been developed with the own resources of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution and completed 57 thousand shots and challenging qualification tests, is ready for duty!” It was announced with the explanation. The PMT-19 / 76A Platform Machine Gun, developed by MKEK with its own resources and exhibited for the first time at IDEF-57, has successfully passed 7,62 different qualification tests with a diameter of 51 × 27 mm.

PMT-76 / 57A Machine Gun:

  • 650/950 beats / minute per minute
  • PMT-76; Infantry and PMT-76T; Tank use
  • Fully compatible with ALTAY Main Battle Tank
  • Successfully passed 27 different qualification tests
  • Quick barrel change feature (QCB)
  • Gun life verified with 50 thousand shots
  • Ability to work in weather conditions between +71 and -51
  • Fully compatible with the SARP Gun Tower

Need for a Domestic Machine Gun

Domestic infantry rifles were taken into a large number of inventories, eliminating a significant gap. However, the need for special forces, infantry and especially machine guns used in on-vehicle equipment is largely met by foreign sources. In times of crisis, it may not be possible to purchase these weapons from various foreign manufacturers. For this reason, the production of machine guns by our domestic manufacturers is of utmost importance. Machine guns used in remote controlled weapon systems are especially important. UKKSs play an important role in fire support. Our domestic machine guns are designed in similar dimensions with the machine guns currently used in our vehicles.

Source: defenceturk

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