XCEED Will Leave Its Mark in Automotive Production

xceed will mark automotive production
xceed will mark automotive production

XCEED stands out as a blockchain solution to document the suitability of the components of a vehicle used in the European automotive industry from design to production. XCEED was developed and implemented by Faurecia, Groupe Renault, Knauf Industries Automotive Simoldes and Coşkunöz Metal Form in cooperation with IBM. Successful testing at Renault's Douai facility, the solution is now available to original equipment manufacturers and automotive suppliers around the world. This work will be implemented for the first time at partner facilities in Bursa, Douai and Palencia.

In collaboration with Faurecia, Groupe Renault, Knauf Industries Automotive, Simoldes and Coşkunöz Metal Form, IBM, XCEED (eXtended Compliance End-to-End Distributed Distributed End-to-End Extended Eligibility) signed a partnership agreement for its implementation.

In a written statement made by the partners in the project, xceed of Renault's Douai successfully tested in the plant and stakeholders Oyak Renault Automobile Factory (Turkey), Douai (France) and in Palencia (Spain) facilities were reported to be applied for the first time. The XCEED blockchain application is currently available to OEMs and suppliers of all sizes across the globe at every stage of the logistics chain.

A tool to meet the increasing need for transparency

XCEED stands out as an efficient application that responds to different needs in today's world of intense regulatory restrictions. With the introduction of new market surveillance regulations in September 2020, more regulations have emerged for the inspection of vehicles already on the market. Therefore, the entire production chain had to adjust its structure in a shorter period of time to comply with regulations.

An inclusive platform that will benefit the European automotive industry

With XCEED, it is aimed to create a compliance monitoring platform that will cover the entire European automotive industry ecosystem in order to respond to regulations and customer demands. As a result, it is aimed to strengthen industrial competitiveness and technological dominance. From this point of view, XCEED is designed to encompass all stakeholders around the world, from multinational companies to SMEs, by providing access to a powerful and common digital tool based on blockchain.

With XCEED, a reliable network has been created to share compliance information between part / system manufacturers and across the supply chain using blockchain, all the way to end vehicle manufacturers. The XCEED platform enables better and more efficient compliance management while respecting each company's privacy, intellectual property rights and data ownership. As a unique platform in the automotive ecosystem, XCEED responds to regulatory requirements without making the industry's complex data reconciliation processes more complex. Thus, it benefits the European automotive industry by increasing information exchange and trust within and outside the ecosystem through almost real-time automatic data sharing, controls and alerts. This system, which was originally created as a result of the work of its founding partners and is based on an open governance approach for new participants, is carried out in interaction with DG Connect at the European Commission.

XCEED was developed jointly with IBM based on "Hyperledger Fabric", an open source blockchain protocol. The initiative is intended to be deployed in a Hybrid Cloud architecture with multiple Cloud providers, including IBM Cloud, to allow each member to run on a Cloud platform of their choice.

XCEED, which was launched in 2019 and designed and implemented in cooperation with the leading companies of the automotive industry, Faurecia, Groupe Renault, Knauf Industries Automotive, Simoldes and Coşkunöz Metal Form, stands out with its unique multi-company approach to data sharing and project management. XCEED is the result of an agile methodology that can be adapted to pluralistic use with collective business intelligence.

Dirk Wollschläger, IBM Industry Managing Director: “The blockchain has proven its worth in providing avenues of traceability and compliance in the food industry, supply chain and other areas. XCEED is the first initiative in the automotive industry aiming to solve the problem of compliance tracking at various scales by using the value and benefits of blockchain. As IBM, our goal is to accelerate this journey by providing business solutions suitable for this industry, with our experience in building blockchain networks on multi-cloud hybrid solutions, and to create this reliable, global platform across the industry.

Faurecia Group End-to-End Quality Director Eric Jacquot

“From the very beginning Faurecia has played an important role in this innovative ecosystem. We are pleased to join this initiative, which provides a new way to work with our customer Groupe Renault, which puts transparency, compliance and traceability at the center of the supply chain. This secure, transparent and automated data sharing system enables us to quickly resolve issues, strengthening our compliance and competitiveness. We fully believe that this project, which makes use of the latest technology, will change the applications in our industry in the future. "

Groupe Renault XCEED Project Coordinator Odile Panciatici: “XCEED is a very powerful tool to transform the automotive industry by delivering operational excellence across the entire automotive ecosystem, including small stakeholders.”

Knauf Industries Automotive Automotive Market Director Sylvie Janot: “As a responsible and growing automotive stakeholder of the market, we have decided to participate in the XCEED project to increase the traceability and efficiency of our products. Within the scope of this project, we aim to adapt automotive suppliers' companies and quality management systems to legal regulations and respond to these requirements at the right time. With the project, we aim to increase our agility in an increasingly complex environment. XCEED offers us a unique opportunity to make the necessary evaluations and adjustments in our systems and methods to increase our overall performance. With XCEED, which is also fully in line with Knauf Group's digital strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility policy, we take a consistent approach between our common expertise at the program concept stage until the end of the life of a vehicle. We are very happy to be part of an automotive community that will create value and contribute to increasing transparency in the market. ”

Simoldes Board Member Jaime Sá: “When we understand that the XCEED blockchain project will contribute to Operational Excellence by providing simplicity, speed, transparency and compliance, and by including all participants in the business supply chain, as Simoldes' juntos fazemos melhor 'means' Achieving better goals together. "We wanted to be a part of this project in line with our vision and Industry 4.0 goal."

Coşkunöz Metal Form General Manager Barış Karaadak: “It is exciting to be one of the founding partners of XCEED, one of the leading digitalization movements in the automotive industry. We believe that this global project will be an important step in Coşkunöz Metal Form's digitalization vision and journey. "

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