World's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Mobile Clinic from Toyota

world's first hydrogen fuel cell mobile clinic from Toyota
world's first hydrogen fuel cell mobile clinic from Toyota

📩 10/04/2021 14:20

Toyota announced that the tests of the world's first fuel cell mobile clinic that generates electricity using hydrogen will begin in the summer of 2021.

An agreement was signed with the Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital for the fuel cell vehicle, a new product of the philosophy of being a "Mobility Company". The mobile clinic model, which will be designed for use in normal times and in disaster situations, will also contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions to help prevent global warming.

While the rate of typhoons, floods and other natural disasters has increased in recent years, such natural events that cause electricity shortages also increase the need for medical services in the regions affected by disasters.

Based on this prediction, as a result of the studies conducted with the Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital since the summer of 2000, the mobile clinic, which will provide health service at normal time, will be able to generate electricity as well as medical service in case of disaster.

The clinic, which will be developed on the Toyota Coaster minibus, will use the hydrogen fuel cell system in the Toyota Mirai as its power source. The clinic will be a completely environmentally friendly, quietly moving vehicle with no CO2 emissions or particles of concern during the cruise. The mobile clinic will be able to reach a range of around 210 kilometers.

Multiple power outlets not only inside but outside of the vehicle will power a range of electrical products. The ventilation system in the vehicle combined with air conditioning and HEPA filter will ensure better infection control while working.

Toyota and the Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital believe the fuel cell mobile clinic will make a difference with features not available in traditional mobile clinics. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the mobile clinic with fuel cell, which will reduce the stress of people by preventing power cuts in emergency situations, also offers a wide range of uses. The mobile clinic, which can provide electricity to blood donation buses and medical vehicles, can also be a mobile PCR test tool.

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