Van TSO: The Use of STM Quotas on Railways is Permitted

Van tso quotas are allowed to be used by rail
Van tso quotas are allowed to be used by rail

While the damages of Kapıköy Customs Gate, which has been closed since last year, are growing, Van continues to experience economic losses.

As Kapıköy was closed, there were serious problems in border trade as well as problems in tourism. Failure to use quotas for the year 2020 and 2021 is one of these problems. In the statement made by the Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry, quota usage was allowed as a result of the initiative and support of the Chief Advisor of the President Gülşen Orhan and the General Manager of Export, Özgür Volkan Ağar.

In the statement made by Van TSO on the subject, the following statements were made: 'Kapıköy Customs Gate, which makes significant contributions to the foreign trade activities of our country and our region, has been closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic for 19 year due to the Coronavirus (COVID-1) epidemic. As a result of this situation, the use of the 2020 and 2021 quotas allocated within the scope of the Border Trade Center (STM) was not allowed. This resulted in deep crises in the urban economy in the local sense.

In this context; Due to the ongoing road works in the Islamic Republic of Iran, the absence of a transfer area at Kapıköy Customs Gate, and the fact that the customs gate is still closed; As Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry, correspondence was made with the Ministry of Commerce and visits were made to authorize Kapıköy Customs Directorate for the use of STM Quotas for 2021 over the railway network. As a result of the attempts made, the General Directorate of Export of the Ministry of Commerce has allowed the use of quotas by rail.

Within the scope of the given permission; 125 companies in our province have been allowed to import 1 thousand 931 tons of watermelons worth 250 million 6 thousand 437 dollars by rail. We would like to express our gratitude to Gülşen Orhan, who has been a deputy for two terms in our city, who has supported us in our initiatives and made great efforts in the use of quotas, and currently serves as the Chief Advisor to the President. Likewise, we would like to thank Özgür Volkan Ağar, General Manager of Export of the Ministry of Commerce, for his initiative and support.

Finally; Solving the problem of our members dealing with border trade makes us happy and the "Import Conformity Certificate" given by our Chamber has been given free of charge due to the non-use of quotas for 2020 and 2021 and the effects of the pandemic on the economy.

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