How Can Those Who Have Plane and Bus Tickets Travel?

How can those with plane and bus tickets travel?
How can those with plane and bus tickets travel?

📩 14/04/2021 13:44

According to the Partial Closure Circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, ticket buyers in intercity public transportation vehicles such as planes, buses and trains will be able to travel if they show their ticket reservation codes.

Turkey's Leading Travel Site Enuyg the "night of 14 April hour plane and bus tickets from our site for two weeks from 19.00:XNUMX to areas of our users will be able to ride ticket if they show the information," he said.

No Travel Permit Requirement for Intercity Public Transport

There are some rules and requirements for traveling by private vehicle. However, there is no obligation to obtain a Travel Permit for those who will make their intercity travels by public transportation. Users who purchase tickets on Wingie are also exempted from intercity travel bans and curfews. For this, it is sufficient for the user to show the ticket reservation information as a screenshot, e-mail or SMS.

Conditions that can be considered compulsory

According to the Partial Closing Circular of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, those who want to travel by private vehicles will only be able to travel intercity by obtaining a Travel Permit, only in compulsory situations. Travel Permit Certificate can be obtained via Alo 199 and e-Government.

According to the circular, the situations that are considered as mandatory are as follows: 

  • Those who want to be discharged from the hospital where they are treated and return to their residence,
  • Those who are referred with a doctor's report or have a previous appointment,
  • A maximum of 8 people who can accompany the funeral transfer to attend the funeral of their first degree relative or sibling,
  • Those who have come to their city within the last 5 days and can document this with their vehicle license plate and ticket reservation code,
  • Participating in the exams announced by ÖSYM and their attendants,
  • Those who have completed their military service,
  • Those who have a private or public contract invitation letter, those released from penal execution institutions

Those who fall within the scope of all these compulsory conditions will be able to travel between cities with their private vehicles only if they can obtain a Travel Permit Certificate. Airplane, bus, train, etc. If they want to use public transport, they will not need to get documents. You can get the Travel Permit via Alo 199 and e-Government.

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