National Media Akkuyu NGS for Turkey Construction Seminar Held

turkey the national media on the construction of the Akkuyu NGS organized a seminar
turkey the national media on the construction of the Akkuyu NGS organized a seminar

Rosatom State Nuclear Organization and AKKUYU Inc., held a seminar on Turkey for the construction of the Akkuyu NGS national media.

Rosatom Middle East and North Africa Regional Director Aleksander Voronkov, AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Director General First Deputy - NGS Construction Works Director Sergei Butckikh, Turkey Nuclear Engineers Association (NMD) Board Member Korce Kayra, the French engineering company Assystem representatives of the Akkuyu NGS Nuclear Facility Construction Audit Senior Project Manager Roger Larcher and Nuclear Energy Department Director Arzu Altay Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. young professionals and Özlem Arslan Yusuf Kilic, Turkey's leading printed and made a speech in the face of journalists representing the digital media. Canan Yener Recber, the popular TV presenter, was the moderator of the seminar.

The Rosatom Middle East and North Africa Regional Director, Aleksander Voronkov, gave information to journalists about the basic fields of activity of the Rosatom State Corporation, shared the figures regarding Rosatom's international market share and gave details about Russia's 3+ generation VVER technology and its references in the world. Voronkov, "Turkey's first nuclear power plant which was chosen for VVER-1200 project, Rosatom State organization, not only in the flagship foreign markets, but also the most modern project. This type of reactor brought together the best practices in the field of safety that exist in Russia and the world nuclear industry, decades of evolutionary development of the VVER reactor family, so it is not surprising that this project attracted the attention of our overseas partners. The first reactor built under the VVER-1200 design was commissioned at Novovoronezh NGS in Russia in 2017. Today, there are five such power units operating in the world, four of them in Russia and one outside Russia. No doubt, the commissioning of Turkey's Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, will be the owner of the most modern and safe nuclear power is no doubt, "he said.

AKKUYU NÜKLEER A.Ş. Sergei Butckikh, Deputy General Manager and NGS Construction Director, gave information about the main phases of Akkuyu NPP construction and the plans for 2021. Sergei Butckikh also noted that high levels of job creation in the construction of Turkey's first nuclear power plant. Butckikh said, “Currently, a total of 11 people are involved in the project, 80% of which are Turkish citizens, and 8 people directly participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant. In the busiest phase of construction, more than 12 thousand people will be employed in the project. At the stage where all four power units will be commissioned, approximately 700 NGS personnel, more than 4 Turkish engineers, will be involved in the project, ”he said. Sergei Butckikh also emphasized that the licensing process for the construction of NGS is almost complete, “We expect to obtain the construction license for the Akkuyu NGS 4th power unit this year. For this, on May 12, 2020, the license application documents were submitted to the Nuclear Regulatory Authority in full ”.

Korcan Kayrın, Board Member of Nuclear Engineers Association, explained in detail the social and economic impacts of nuclear power plant construction projects. According to the data presented by the speaker, nuclear generation today meets more than 10% of global electricity demand and 25% of European electricity demand. Kayrın said, “According to other production methods, nuclear power plants are the most efficient energy source in terms of capacity utilization factor of more than 90%. Covering a relatively small area, NGSs provide the best use of land and natural resources. In addition, nuclear power can provide the transition to a carbon neutral electricity system and at the same time provide security of energy supply, ”he said.

Representatives of Assystem, an independent company that conducts the building inspection of Akkuyu NGS main facilities, explained the nuclear power plant construction inspection process to the journalists. Roger Larcher says, “Assystem has over 50 years of experience in nuclear industry commissioning, design, project management, construction control and inspection. During the material production and construction works to ensure the necessary level of nuclear safety should definitely be respected internationally, Turkey and the Russian legislation norms of the Akkuyu containing standards and rules we carry out our work on the basis of a list of NGS legislation, "he said. Her colleague Arzu Altay gave detailed information to the journalists about the ongoing environmental monitoring works at the Akkuyu NGS construction site. Assystem experts collect data on the status of flora and fauna, groundwater, seafloor surface sediment and many other parameters in the field, in accordance with the requirements specified in the normative documents.

Nuclear energi engineering education in Russia in the field AKKUYU NUCLEAR Inc.'s young engineers Yusuf Kilic and Özlem Arslan, in Russia "Nuclear Power Plants: Design, Business and Engineering" field explaining the educational process of Turkey's first nuclear power plant construction site He shared his impressions of their work with journalists.

Preparation and Repair Unit Specialist Yusuf Kılıç: “In all nuclear power plants, training plans of operating personnel are prepared a few years in advance, all processes without exception are modeled and calculated in advance. Although I have worked at the company for about two years, I have already managed to adapt to my teammates and learn all business processes. "

Radiation Safety Unit Specialist Özlem Arslan: “I received a high quality and versatile training in Russia, participated in technical visits and internships in nuclear power plants many times, I visited the factory where the reactor pressure vessel and other components to be used in Akkuyu NPP, how much each component is I saw it being manufactured under strict control, and I made sure that safety is always the top priority in nuclear industry enterprises. "

Within the scope of the seminar, two episodes from the Rosatom documentary project "Nuclear for Humanity" were shown. The films show how nuclear technology improves people's lives and contributes to the development of cities and regions where nuclear facilities are located.

The seminar ended with a question and answer session where journalists could receive detailed answers and comments on their questions.

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