A First in History in Turkish Esports

A first in history in the field of turk esports
A first in history in the field of turk esports

While there has been a great increase in the number of municipalities supporting esports, which has been on the rise in Turkey in recent years, a first in history took place in the field of Turkish Esports yesterday. For the first time, the two Metropolitan Municipalities faced each other in the 7th Season of the Zula Super League, which was followed by thousands of players. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıtspor Esports Zula Super League team faced Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Aski Espor in the first match of the 3rd week. In the league match played on 2 maps where the firsts were experienced, the first map was played with a great advantage of 10-0. kazanKocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıtspor became the Esports team. Maintaining its dominance in the second map, Kağıtspor Espor was the team that scored 10 points while keeping their opponents out of breath with a clear score of 2-3.


With the development of technology, the number of new games is increasing over time and the younger generation is also turning to these digital games. Municipalities are increasing the number of activities day by day in order to support young people in digital areas that they are interested in. Yesterday, the digital teams of the two Metropolitan Municipality came face to face. The two teams competed in the Zula Super League. Thousands of young people watching the match also witnessed a historical day. Kocaeli Metropolitan's first map with a margin of 10-0. kazanHis performance received great applause from the fans of Esports.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıttspor and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Aski Esports made history as the two Metropolitan Municipality teams that met for the first time in the digital arena. The party that laughed in the historical match was Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıttspor Espor. Having collected 10 points with the last game in the league, Kağıttspor Esports continues its claim on the way to the championship and will play the last match of the week against Sangal Espor on Sunday at 16.00.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality opened the Esports branch in 2020 within the body of Kağıtpor, saying that I am also in the field of Esports, which is growing rapidly in the world and where interest is increasing day by day. Kağıttspor Espor, which provides infrastructure logistics and technical support, was carried out by the Metropolitan Directorate of Youth and Sports Services, with the experience of the Kağıt Sports Club; While it will make all young people love electronic sports properly, it will also tell families about esports, which will be the profession of the future (football and basketball).


Developed by madbyt Games, distributed by Delight Games, one hundred percent indigenous brand value by 14 million users in Turkey and 60 thousand instant online Zula's most prestigious league with players and Super League. In the Super League, KBB Kağıttspor faces strong and well-established clubs such as Espor, Galatasaray, ABB Aski, fastPay Wildcats, Istanbul Esports Club, Çamlıca, Gamers of Future, Sangal, Digital Athletics and BAL Espor. League matches that will last 9 weeks, on Saturdays and Sundays between 14:00 - 21:00 Zula Espor YouTube live on the channel.

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