Consumer Likes Contactless Spending

consumer loved non-contact spending
consumer loved non-contact spending

With its statement today, Visa announced that after the increase of contactless limits in Europe with the Covid-19 pandemic, one billion additional contactless transactions have been carried out.

Less than a year has passed since the increase in contactless transaction limits across Europe; In this process, the number of additional contactless transactions made with Visa cards increased 1 billion more than the previous period.

Consumers and businesses prefer contactless because it offers a secure and easy payment experience - Two-thirds (65%) of consumers in a study by Visa say they will continue to choose the contactless payment option after the pandemic.

contactless raise the limits between 29 countries in Europe, Turkey, was the first to raise the limit of the country. physical contact with the pandemic period to minimize expectations of consumers and raising the limit of 2021 times the output in Turkey with contactless payments as of February 3 compared to the previous year.

The number of contactless payment transactions has caught an important growth trend as they are no longer a convenience for both consumers and workplaces during the pandemic process and become a necessity. There are also strong signs that this trend will be permanent. In the study conducted by Visa, two-thirds of consumers say they will continue to prefer the contactless payment alternative after the pandemic.

Visa Turkey General Manager Merve Tezel Visa cards with contactless additional processing taking place across Europe the following about 1 billion, he said: "Turkey, together with the pandemic had been the first country to raise the limit of contactless payments in Europe. Reached this figure, in Europe and in Turkey, show that the adoption of contactless payments by consumers and businesses. According to the latest figures of the Interbank Card Center, we see that as of February 2021, contactless payments increased three times compared to last year, reaching 3 million per month. As of the same month, considering the face-to-face payments at workplaces, 204 out of every 2 payments was made without contact. During this period, as Visa, we took action for consumers avoiding contact with cash due to the pandemic, and launched nearly 1 contactless payment points in cooperation with the retail industry. At the same time, thanks to Visa's "Tap to Phone" technology, which transforms mobile phones into contactless POS devices, we have implemented innovations that will expand the contactless payment acceptance infrastructure of SMEs with our business partners. The 7000 billion figure we share today shows that consumers and businesses are embracing the contactless payment experience. We will continue our efforts to make contactless payments even more widespread. "

Support for small businesses continues

Small businesses affected by Covid-19 restrictions faced the obligation to accept contactless payments by transforming their business models according to consumer expectations. In addition to contactlessness, the rise of e-commerce across Europe continues: In December 15, e-commerce transactions increased by 2020% or more compared to the previous year in more than 40 European countries.

Visa continues to launch large-scale programs with partners and partners across Europe to secure their future and adapt to the digital world. In Turkey, "I Can Manage My Business" project given the scope of the pandemic period SMBs accelerate the digitalization support for Visa, "a shopping, Too Much Difference Eder" campaign with the consumer needs is inviting welcome from small businesses.

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