Topics Covered Under Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance

Traffic Insurance Coverage
Traffic Insurance Coverage

All vehicles that are obliged to go on the traffic are obliged to have traffic insurance. It is necessary to renew traffic insurance every year. Traffic insurance is a type of insurance that reduces the burden of the vehicle owner by making it possible to cover all financial damages that will occur when the vehicles specified in the policy are covered.

 What are the Topics in the Scope of Traffic Insurance?

Death and Disability: In accordance with the limit in the policy, in the event of death or disability, people involved in the accident are guaranteed to pay financial compensation.

Treatment Expenses: It is possible to pay all hospital and treatment costs of all persons related to the accident, who are treated in the hospital as a result of the accident, within the scope of traffic insurance.

Material Damage: All material damages resulting from the accident are covered according to the limit specified in the policy.

Out of the Scope of Traffic Insurance

Damages to the insured's own vehicle, damages to non-moving vehicles, moral compensation claims and all similar issues traffic insurance is outside the scope.

 What is Insurance? Why is it done?

Motor own damage insurance is not a compulsory type of insurance, but it is a type of insurance that provides a lot of advantage and coverage to the insured if it is done. There are many types of motor own damage insurance, which is a useful type of insurance to cover all material damages of the vehicle specified in the policy in the event of an accident.

 What are the Types of Casco?

  • Narrow Insurance
  •  Extended Insurance
  •  Full Insurance

What are the Subjects Covered in the Scope of Motor Insurance?

All material damages that occur as a result of crashing the vehicle in the policy or the vehicle hitting another vehicle, theft or burning of the vehicle. kasko is guaranteed by. In addition, there are different types of motor own damage insurance to expand these issues, and it offers very advantageous opportunities to the vehicle owner.

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