Toyota Demands a Workforce of 2 from İŞKUR

Toyota Iskurdan requested a thousand-person workforce
Toyota Iskurdan requested a thousand-person workforce

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey was found in 2.500-strong workforce demand İŞKUR'dan. Each year, employees engaged in contract manufacturing and the possibility of recruiting staff to some of the employees received Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey normalization with recruitment begins again. Within the scope of supporting qualified workforce with short-term adaptation and certificate trainings, a contract was signed between the project stakeholders with the program in which Governor Çetin Oktay Pavement participated. With the contract signed, 1000 new employees will be employed in April-May and 200 new employees each month in the following months.

One of Europe's most important production bases of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, up to 2.500 contract workers by the end of successful production, exports and aims to further increase the high level of quality. İŞKUR Vocational Education Project (MEGİP) for people to be recruited with the support of Governor Cetin Oktay sidewalk in the project stakeholders with the participation of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Senior Vice President Necdet Senturk, President Sakarya Chamber of Commerce Akgun Anderson, Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Prof. Dr. A signing ceremony was held between Mehmet Sarıbıyık and İŞKUR Provincial Director Tekin Kaya.

Normalization process by which the pace of its purchases and contract employees, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, April and plans to hire about 1000 people from starting in May. Development of Vocational Training Project (MEGİP) will be recruited at the scope for Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, after 3 weeks of orientation and training opportunities that will be provided to trainees 6 months term contract employees. In addition, if some of these purchases are deemed appropriate after 6 months of work, they will also have the opportunity to be permanent employees in the company. The occupational groups to be trained for recruitment are; Announced as Quality Controller, Auto Assembler, Spot Welder, Paint Operator and Plastic Products Manufacturer.

Controlled employment emphasis

Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim emphasized controlled employment at the signing ceremony and stated that the effect of the coronavirus epidemic continues, the risk will disappear if the measures are followed, and the necessary sensitivity should be shown to controlled employment. Do not make short work of any reference in the course of the outbreak, also expressed his thanks to the normal operation of the transition to employment again started and in the demand for labor İŞKUR'dan Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, auspicious being of the contract he wishes.

We will provide temporary employment of 2021 people in 2.500

Senior Vice President of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Necdet Senturk, "Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey is exporting 150 percent of the vehicles produced in nearly 85 countries. The production facility in Sakarya has a superior and special position among Toyota factories in terms of quality and many parameters not only in Europe but also in the world. In terms of capacity, it is Toyota's factory with the highest production volume in Europe. In our factory where the hybrid version of Corolla Sedan and C-HR models are produced, more than 5.000 people are employed. He also expressed his thanks.

Participation Requirements and Application Method

Job seekers who want to participate in a vocational training project; Must be under the age of 30, at least high school graduate, and resident in Sakarya, Kocaeli or Düzce. job seekers with these conditions, the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey, Ankara and other cities of TEO Provincial Directorates or they can apply to the online platform.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey also contributes to the training of efficient and skilled labor

Akgün Altuğ, President of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who supports those who will be recruited with the Vocational Education Development Project; Toyota Automotive Industry of Turkey, “With its corporate structure, quality management and working culture, it also contributes to the training of our province's productive and qualified workforce. Increasing the productivity of the workforce, qualified workforce for working life kazanwill stop. Therefore, Toyota Automotive Industry in Turkey to the production staff kazanOur other industrial organizations benefit from the qualifications to be developed”.

Vocational training and certification increase competitiveness

Sakarya University of Applied Sciences Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sarıbıyık said, “Another goal of our university is to fully support our industry with our vocational and technical education certification and professional competence certification activities. Certification and qualification documents will in fact be instrumental in reducing unemployment as well as increasing productivity and competitiveness. In addition to providing only qualified workforce to the industrial organizations in our city with our students, we will continue to support our industry and economy at an increasing rate with our innovation and R&D studies brought about by university-industry cooperation ”.

In addition, the signing ceremony held at the end of Governor Cetin Oktay sidewalk, their contribution to employment, Senior Vice President, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey Necdet Senturk gave the İSKUR Certificate of Appreciation.

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