First Gala in the Historical Atlas Cinema "Piri Sinan Documentary of Architects"

the first premiere documentary of architects' master sinan in historical atlas cinema
the first premiere documentary of architects' master sinan in historical atlas cinema

The first screening of the documentary titled “Mimarların Pîrî Sinan” was prepared based on the work “Tezkiretü'l Bünyan” written by Mimar Sinan for Sâî Mustafa Çelebi.

In his speech before the screening, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, the Minister of Culture and Tourism, said that the Atlas Cinema, where the gala was held, was built to open unique doors to the history of Turkish cinema, to become an art bridge that connects the past and the present, and to host the firsts of many works produced today. and said he was revived.

Stating that the premiere of the documentary, which was dedicated to a monument of history like Mimar Sinan, in a venue opened on February 26 with the honor of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it is a separate occasion to be happy and said, “ I thank everyone who organized it. " he spoke.

Stating that architecture is a comprehensive science that extends from the design and projecting of the building to the construction process, the culture and values ​​of the society are embroidered on the soil like a seal.

“This seal contains unique and unmatched details from your understanding of life to your relationship with nature, from your spiritual world to historical events. Our walls decorated with thousands of years of stamps and motifs, our domes that tell us two worlds when we raise our heads, and our inscriptions that greet us from the past are all of these details. When all these and more come together, the whole work becomes an identity. kazanir. That identity is the reflection of the nation in stone in the will of the doer and the person who made it. Mimar Sinan is the pinnacle of this art and science.

From the bridge that Kanuni built on the Prut River during the Moldavian Campaign, to the works of Şehzade, Süleymaniye and Selimiye Mosque as the cornerstones of his profession, every work that Koca Sinan has done, every building he has built, has been added as a praise and a badge of honor next to its name. "

Centuries Make Its Name More Permanent Instead of Forgetting It

Minister Ersoy emphasized that Mimar Sinan's works gave life to the natural form of architecture with very fine calculations, an enormous geometry and the mathematics that support it, and said, “To make scientific and technical expressions of this and to explain the level reached by it is of course something that today's architects and engineers can do. But at some points we see with admiration that 'How did he think, how did he do it?' There is a mastery for which no definitive answers can currently be given to his questions. Therefore, the centuries that have passed make it more prominent and permanent, rather than making the name forget. " made its evaluation.

Stating that even today, the legendary discourses on the name and works of Mimar Sinan are spreading, Minister Ersoy said:

“Although these are not true, the most important thing here is the size of the trace and influence that Mimar Sinan left behind. He is such a name that 'If the subject is Mimar Sinan, why not.' thought naturally takes place in minds. However, it is our duty to tell it correctly. Because the reality of Mimar Sinan is greater than the dreams that people put on him. We all bear the responsibility of not allowing this to be overshadowed. Today, we honor the name and memory of Mimar Sinan with his knowledge and art. The great names of our past are guides, examples and support for us on the way to the greatness of our future. Knowing how to take inspiration from them, we can convey this awareness to our children. kazanwe have to climb. Because countries rise on the shoulders of generations with high self-confidence. This self-confidence manifests itself in the 'I can' will, which awakens with the courage of the past. Therefore, I see the Piri Sinan documentary by Architects as a step that serves this awareness and I find it very valuable.”

Celebrating the Participants 'Commemoration of Mimar Sinan and Architects' Day and thanking those who contributed to the documentary, Minister Ersoy said, “I remember Koca Sinan with mercy, gratitude and respect for his unique cultural heritage, exemplary life, science and art”. used the expression.

At the gala, where a 4-century-old manuscript named Tezkiretü'l Bünyan, in which Mimar Sinan made notes in his own handwriting, was also exhibited, a documentary film that lasted for about an hour was watched after the speeches.

The program was attended by Parliament Speaker Prof. Dr. Art with Mustafa Şentop, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Beyoğlu Mayor Haydar Ali Yıldız, Istanbul Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Coşkun Yılmaz, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Chairman Şekip Avdagiç and Ahmet Özhan and Gülben Ergen and names from the world of cinema also participated.

Documentary "Piri Sinan of Architects"

In the documentary titled “Piri Sinan of the Architects” based on the work “Tezkiretü'l Bünyan” written by Mimar Sinan for Sai Mustafa Çelebi, Mimar Sinan, who served as the chief architect for 2 years during the periods of Kanuni Sultan Süleyman, 3nd Selim and 50rd Murad. 's life is described.

The production of the documentary, which started in 2018 and lasted for 3 years, is Mesut Gengeç, the general coordinator of Bülent Günal, and the project responsibility is Yılmaz Aydın.

Three different people play the childhood, youth and old age of Mimar Sinan in the 60-minute documentary shot with the pouring-drama method, shot in Ağırnas, Istanbul and Edirne.

Mimar Sinan Foundation University Faculty of Architecture Dean Prof. Dr. Suphi Saatçi, Art Historian Selçuk Mülayim, Mimar Sinan Genim, Architecture Historian Prof. Dr. Afife Batur and Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Department of Architecture Head of Restoration Department Prof. Dr. Interviews with Demet Binan are also included.

The soundtrack of the documentary film, in which Mimar Sinan's childhood was played by Mehmet Öztürkan, his youth by Erkan Çelik, his old age by Kamil Coşkun Çetinalp, and Sai Mustafa Çelebi, by Kerim Aydemir, belongs to Yıldıray Gürgen.

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