High Performance Laboratory from TEI to GTÜ

high performance laboratory from teiden to gtu
high performance laboratory from teiden to gtu

Being an international manufacturer and a worldwide design center by offering high quality products and services to the aviation industry, TEI continues to support engineering education at GTÜ. In this context, hardware and software support was provided by TEI to encourage engineering students to produce new projects and pave the way for them to participate in innovative studies.

TEI - TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii A.Ş. provided hardware and software support to Gebze Technical University (GTÜ) in the field of high performance computing. Students will implement their projects with devices and software with superior technical hardware features.

Opened to the Service of 25 Academic Staff and 250 Students

Turkey's aviation leader in engine TEI, continuing in education support the engineering field, Gebze Technical University of Engineering and Aerospace and 25 academic staff in the Aviation School and 250 students can use, that can be experienced in real life events may explain the simulations, design details can examine all the details, multiple simulation same They donated Engineering Simulation Software license, which they can realize at the moment and thus gain the opportunity to act faster in their work.

10 Times Faster Than Normal Systems

Gebze Technical University was continued by academics and students from Turkey's needed in addition to the software that will be used in the context of highly engineered the required product research and development activities, analysis and calculations will speed up its work, according to regular computers, each of which is 10 times faster 240-core " "high performance computing" system was also donated.

Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan, TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Aksit, GTÜ Secretary General Nadir Yıldırım, TEI Finance and Procurement Director Ercan Öztürk, TEI Information Technologies Manager M. Zahid Yüzügüldü, GTÜ academicians and students attended.

Rector: "TEI is an Important Stakeholder"

Speaking at the ceremony, Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hasan Aslan stated that as GTÜ management, they always attach the highest importance to university-industry cooperation and that the pandemic process does not affect the studies in this field. Rector Lions, "Turkey providing high quality products and services to the aviation industry, we are always proud TAI Motor Industry, R & D, both our invaluable stakeholder behalf of our university in terms of production capabilities. I would like to thank the TEI management once again for their support in the establishment of the "High Computational Research Laboratory" that was put into service in our Engineering faculty in the past years. " made his statement.

"It Will Be The Center Of Excellence In The Field Of Aviation And Engine"

TEI General Manager and Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mahmut F. Akşit stated that their support to the IT infrastructure of the university will directly contribute to the defense industry of our country; “It will be easier to carry out important projects with the infrastructure support of universities' research stations, especially in the field of high performance computing. With the support of our government, we can see the systems in the developed countries of the world in our research centers. We wish to see a laboratory infrastructure mainly for Aircraft Engines at Gebze Technical University Faculty of Aerospace. Such a formation will make the university a Center of Excellence in the field of Aviation and Engine. You can see the support we have made today as a step towards this goal. " he spoke.

After the protocol signing ceremony, Aslan and Akşit exchanged gifts and later visited the laboratory and made observations.

In recent years, the best examples of university-industry cooperation were exhibited, a "High Computational Research Laboratory" was established by TEI at GTÜ and the Intern Student Program Protocol was signed.



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