Taiwan Train Crash: At Least 48 Dead

taiwan train accident least dead injured
taiwan train accident least dead injured

An 350-car passenger train derailed in the Hualien region in eastern Taiwan, carrying about 8 people. According to the latest information, 48 people died in the accident, 118 people were injured. Explaining that 118 people who were injured in the accident were treated in the hospital, the fire crews stated that the efforts to save the passengers trapped in the wagons were completed.

According to the report of the Taiwan Central News Agency (CNA) based on the Taiwan Fire Department, the 350-car passenger train carrying about 8 passengers was derailed as a result of being parked on a hill near the train tracks when it was about to enter the Chinshui Tunnel in the Hualien region and was hit by the crane sliding on the rails for an unknown reason. . The train, whose first 5 wagons got out of control due to the impact, crashed into the walls of the single-lane railway tunnel and stopped. Confirming this information, law enforcement agencies announced that the driver of the crane was suspected of not pulling the parking brake.

While the 8th and 4th wagons of the 5-wagon passenger train in the direction of Taitung were heavily damaged, firefighters and search and rescue teams were dispatched to the scene.


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