Suzuki Vitara Slashes Rates on Swift Hybrid and SX4 S-Cross

lowered interest rates in suzuki vitara swift hybrid and sx s cross model
lowered interest rates in suzuki vitara swift hybrid and sx s cross model

Suzuki, owned by "Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology" offered by the Turkey market, has announced an ambitious hybrid vehicle models in April sales practices for efficiency and safety.

In this context, Suzuki's smart hybrid models consisting of Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Swift are offered a loan with an interest rate of 100 percent for 12 months for 0,99 thousand TL. Those who will choose one of the three hybrid models get the advantage of purchasing with the loan application, as well as with the exchange support of 10 thousand TL. With fuel savings of more than 20% and advanced safety features offered as standard, Suzuki's hybrid family stands out with more efficiency and more safety features.

One of the world's leading vehicle manufacturers with its technology and preference, Suzuki; Participating in the product range in Turkey and soon the fore hybrid family car users will continue to provide access to the opportunities they need in the easiest way. In this context, Suzuki is launching the April sales application for its models equipped with “Suzuki Smart Hybrid Technology” and advanced safety features offered as standard in all versions, which are both environmentally friendly and save for the user. Within the scope of the campaign, the Vitara, SX4 S-Cross and Swift models, which are Suzuki hybrid models, are offered to users throughout the month with a loan of 100 thousand TL at an interest rate of 12 percent for 0,99 months. In addition, the exchange support amounting to TL 10 thousand offered with the loan application also provides a purchasing advantage in preferred hybrid models.

More efficient

Suzuki smart hybrid family offers its users efficient journeys both in the city and on long journeys with fuel savings, low maintenance costs, and a five-year battery warranty. In Suzuki Swift Hybrid; It includes an integrated starter alternator (ISG) that supports the internal combustion engine and a 12 Volt lithium-ion battery that does not require plug charging. The self-charging hybrid system further increases fuel efficiency. In this way, Swift Hybrid provides fuel savings of more than 20%. In addition, the 4V Hybrid power-transfer system in the Vitara Hybrid and SX48 S-Cross Hybrid models offers 17% fuel savings.


In addition, Suzuki smart hybrids offer more security with the advanced security features offered as standard in all versions. According to the results of Deloitte 2021 Global Automotive Consumer Research, one of the security features that users want most when purchasing a new vehicle; Features such as automatic sudden braking, blind spot warning, lane follow-up warning are standard on all versions of Swift Hybrid and Vitara Hybrid. In addition to these, security equipment such as Rear Cross Traffic Warning System (RCTA), Traffic Sign Identification System (TSR), Adaptive Cruise Control System (ACC) are also offered to users.

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