SSI Transferred 2020 Billion Liras to Cancer Drugs in 5.6

Transferred billions of lira to cancer drugs in his year
Transferred billions of lira to cancer drugs in his year

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to scan effective, sustainable and reliable drugs and add them to the reimbursement list through the Social Security Institution (SGK). In this context, SSI allocated 2020 billion lira to cancer drugs in 5,6 to support the treatment of cancer patients.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, stated that they did not leave cancer patients alone during the treatment process and said that they continue to include cancer drugs on the SGK's drug reimbursement list.

Emphasizing that cancer patients receiving home healthcare services cover the examination, examination, analysis, treatment, medical care and follow-up procedure within the scope of the Health Implementation Communiqué (SUT), Selçuk gave the following information:

“We cover the travel, daily and companion expenses of our cancer patients within the scope of SUT. We provide patients with personal protective health services (vaccination, drug protection, early diagnosis, good nutrition and health education). We attribute invalidity pension to cancer patients who apply to SSI in case of 10-year insurance period and at least 1800 days of insurance premium, and if they lose at least 60 percent of their working power. "

832 Drug Reimbursement List for Cancer Treatment

On the other hand, with the latest additions, there are 832 drugs in total, 9 of which are used in cancer treatment, on the SSI's reimbursement list. Pharmaceutical payments are among the most important expense items of the institution. Having paid 59 billion lira for pharmaceuticals in 2018 and 30,9 billion lira in 2019, SGK's expenditure reached 39,6 billion lira in 2020.

Those used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases took the first place with 6,5 billion lira in drug expenditure, followed by those used in cancer treatment with 5,6 billion lira.

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