SERÇE-3 Multi-Rotor Unmanned Flying System

serce multi-rotor unmanned flying system
serce multi-rotor unmanned flying system

SERÇE-3 is a fully autonomous, fully autonomous flying system that can be equipped with different payload kits according to mission needs such as road traffic information and border security, especially for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions.

System Features

  • Weight: -7kg
  • Flight Time:> 50min (MSL with 1000kg payload at 1m altitude)
  • Cruise Speed: 45km / hour
  • Communication: 10km
  • Working Temperature: -20 ° C / + 52 ° C
  • Mission Altitude: AGL 1000m - MSL 4000m
  • Easy Installation On Site
  • Laser Assisted Landing System
  • Moving Target Detection and Tracking
  • Target Coordinate Information
  • Ability to Integrate Different Payloads
  • Possibility of Use with Joystick
  • Increased Strength Against Interference with Anti-Jam GPS Antenna


  • Autonomous Take-off and Landing & Fully Autonomous Navigation
  • Setting a Single Point Target
  • Waypoint Tracking
  • Use in Semi-Autonomous Mode
  • Adding a Flight Plan
  • Automatic Return To Home When Link Lost
  • Semi-Autonomous Use in a Non-GNSS Environment
  • Smart Batteries with Power Management System
  • Emergency Return To A Place Other Than The Place Where It Left Off
  • Waypoint Tracking
  • Mission Plan Change During Flight
  • Artillery Fire Support Kit (Optional)
  • Flight Change (Multiple Aircraft Use)
  • Restricted area
  • 2. House Description
ASELSAN SERÇE-3 Multi-Rotor Unmanned Flying System

Useful load

  • 3 Axis Movable Gyro Stabilized Gimbal
  • Thermal and / or Day Cameras Determined According to Operational Needs
  • Electronic Stabilization
  • Laser Distance Meter

Ground Control Station

  • Military Type Tactical Map Infrastructure (RASTER-DTED)
  • Task Plan Loading / Saving
  • Integrated to Command Control Systems
  • Digital Network Based Communication
  • Real Time Video Viewing and Recording
  • 3D Map Simulation

System Features

  • Day
    • Optical Magnification: 30X
    • Digital Magnification: 12X
    • Field of View: 2.3 ° -63.7 °
    • Resolution: 1080p
  • Thermal
    • Lens: 50mm
    • Field of View: 15.5 °
    • Resolution: 640 × 480

Source: defenceturk

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