Carrying Our Glorious Moon and Star in the Skies with Pride, SOLOTÜRK is 10 Years Old

the sanli moon is soloturk who proudly carries our star
the sanli moon is soloturk who proudly carries our star

SOLOTÜRK is a new value presented to the Turkish Nation on the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force.

F-16 Demonstration Crew SOLOTÜRK has been in the sky for 10 years. Ministry of National Defense, "Congratulations on the anniversary of the establishment of # SOLOTÜRK, which has been proudly carrying our Glorious Crescent Star and engraved under its body for 10 years." He celebrated the 10th anniversary of SOLOTÜRK with his expression.

SOLOTÜRK is a demonstration team that presents the capabilities of the modern and high-performance F-16 aircraft owned by the Turkish Air Force, and the high level of knowledge and skills required for its use, in the form of a demonstration. Demonstration flights are carried out by a single-seat F-16C Block-30TM aircraft. No changes have been made on the aircraft except paint, and it can be planned for all kinds of missions like other F-16s. SOLOTÜRK pilots continue their preparations for war, except for demonstration flights.



The "Demonstration Flight with a Single F-25 Airplane" program, which was launched by the Turkish Air Force on November 2009, 16, was held on January 14, 2010 by the AirPlt. Murat KELEŞ, Hv.Plt.Yzb. Fatih BATMAZ and Hv.Plt.Yzb. Sedat Yalın was brought to life with AHBAB being selected as the founding team. Hv.Plt.Bnb. Murat Keles, on May 18, 2010 One F-16 made their first sortie education and training for the demonstration flight of the F-20 became Turkey's first solo show by completing a pilot at 2010 August 16.

The trainings were carried out with the other two show pilots flying as observers in the rear cockpit. On September 2010, 2011, the beginning of the 01-2010 Flight Training Year, at the 4th Main Jet Base Command, the Hv.KK Org. The first demonstration flight was offered to Hasan AKSAY. The name "SOLOTÜRK" was chosen from among the approximately 300 name suggestions sent by the personnel of the Air Force Command. SOLOTÜRK; The 3rd Main Jet Base continues its activities in 132nd Fleet Command (Konya) with 2 pilots and 2 support personnel and a 9-person aircraft maintenance team selected from the Aircraft Maintenance Command.

The Story of SOLOTÜRK Design


The graphic design of the F-16, a high-tech aircraft, is an extremely different, special and extraordinary application. For this reason, graphic design is the result of a long and painstaking work, and the competent graphic designer Mr. It was made by Murat DORKİP. There is a reconstructed detail of the eagle, which has been the symbol of the Turkish Nation and Turkish Air Force throughout history, on SOLOTÜRK.

The golden color of the crescent and star to be seen while flying SOLOTÜRK shows the Turkish Air Force's loyalty and value to our flag, which is the symbol of honor of the Turkish Nation, and the meaning it represents. silver star on top of the aircraft, the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Air Force of the 21st century stands for the idea of ​​being the star.

The eagle, which will be seen on the wing of SOLOTÜRK in glossy black on matte black, symbolizes the freedom and determination in the soul of the aviators. The black and gray diagonal lines extending towards the nose of the aircraft describe the qualities of aviators such as quick thinking and decision-making, continuous progress and not knowing borders.

As a result; The silver, black and gold colors selected in graphic design refer to the Turkish Air Force's vision of being the air, space and knowledge power of the 21st century with its perceptions of meaning, value, tension and power. In general, SOLOTÜRK's graphic design is the embodiment of the slogan "Turkish Air Force Rivals".

Source: defenceturk

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