Şahsuvaroğlu Automotive Opened its New Service Point in Gaziantep

sahsuvaroglu automotive opened its new service point in gaziantep
sahsuvaroglu automotive opened its new service point in gaziantep

Since 1966, the world managed to become the representative of Turkey alone brand Şahsuvaroğlu automotive giants, as well as the performance of sales and service points as the dealer network continues to grow across Turkey. Having closed the last year with 485 percent growth, the company focused on expanding its service and dealer network this year. In the first place, it activated its 45th service point in Gaziantep. It will add new service points until the end of this year.

The company, which increased the number of its dealers to 5 by opening 25 new dealerships last year, will expand its dealer network by giving 2 new dealerships this year, one in Mardin and the other in Van.

Since 2007, South Korean SsangYong's, although since 2016, China's largest dfsk'n the sole representative of the Şahsuvaroğlu in Turkey, the automotive giant automotive, 12 branches bearing his name, with 25 dealers and Gaziantep 45 ' e by reaching service points, reaching every corner of Turkey. Turkey and distributors in both the retail car dealer in a very advantageous position in the companies, branches, gradually strengthens its dealer and service point network.

On the roads of Turkey this year kazanŞahsuvaroğlu Automotive, which started an electric car attack with 4 new electric models, accelerated the infrastructure works for the sales, marketing and service activities of the new models. Receiving requests for new service points from all over Turkey, the company opened its first service point of this year in Gaziantep. Thus, it reached 45 service points throughout Turkey.

Incoming demand, aroused

Şahsuvaroğlu Automotive Deputy General Manager Yunus Şahsuvaroğlu emphasized that as Şahsuvaroğlu Automotive, they received serious demands on new service points and they took action to develop this area in the face of this demand, “Our service point that we put into service in Gaziantep was the starting point of this movement. We also included Gaziantep among our strategic points. This year, we will focus on expanding our dealer network as well as our service points. We currently have 25 dealers. Last year, we opened 5 new dealerships with the high sales performance we achieved despite the pandemic. This year is also the first

In the second quarter, we will give 2 new dealerships, one in Mardin and the other in Van. We will end the year with 2 new dealers in 3 additional dealerships that we will give until the end of the year. "We will continue our work to add new ones to our 5 service points together with Gaziantep."

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