Educational Support for the Children of Healthcare Professionals

Educational support for children of healthcare professionals
Educational support for children of healthcare professionals

Amgen Turkey and Gensentei employees "Amgen, alongside the Health Professional!" took steps with the movement for educational support for the children of health professionals working for public health by struggling with many difficulties during the pandemic period.

Amgen Turkey and consisting of employees Gensentei "My heart is responsible for" the leadership of the Turkish Education Foundation contributed to the creation of educational funding support steps beginning with cooperation in February and continued until the end of March.

Biotechnology company Amgen Turkey and the Gensentei, walked the Turkish Education Foundation for two months with health professionals to contribute to their children's education. Amgen and Gensenta General Manager Güldem Berkman, stating that they want to give a meaningful thanks to healthcare professionals who struggle for public health on 14 March Medicine Day this year, said, "Amgen and Gensenta Volunteers Scholarship Fund" "Amgen Stands By Health Professionals!" With our movement, we took steps for the education of the children of our healthcare professionals and contributed to the education fund we created with our individual donations. What we can do for the education of the children of our healthcare professionals is very valuable. In this direction, our support steps, which we started in February under the leadership of our "Volunteer Responsible" team consisting of our employees, continued until the end of March. We are happy to contribute to the one-year education of our 8 students. " said.

Within the scope of corporate citizenship, in addition to the science education-oriented "Amgen Biotechnology Experience, Amgen Teach and Amgen Scholars" programs and the "WE2 Extraordinary Women Leaders" project inspired by gender equality, "Amgen", which is one of the studies carried out in the field of disease awareness and health. Stands By Health Professionals! ” With movement, Amgen Turkey and Gensentei employees, health workers they make with individual donors contributed to the education of children with social media sharing, they aim to raise awareness.


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