How Are The Rating Rankings Determined? Most Rated Programs!

what is the rating
what is the rating

The positive developments in the Turkish cinema and TV series industry have also increased the interest of the audience in the sector. Now, as well as the subject and actors of the series, economic data and rating rankings have become popular. In this case, it caused the development of rating tracking tools.

Many websites post daily rating results. Rating results that show great interest of the viewer It is given instantly by. At the same time, constantly shares various up-to-date data and developments regarding rating rankings with its readers. In our news, we tried to gather all the information you can think of about the rating under one roof.


What is the rating?

Rating is the name given to the viewing rates of television channels. Of course, we're not going to talk about it so briefly. With the developing technology, television has been one of the special products of our homes for years. Some days we spend most of our time in front of the TV. TV series, movies, matches, programs, competitions, etc. We have the opportunity to watch many programs. Along with these, many other types of broadcasts can be watched on television. The reason why these favorite productions are made by producers and bosses is to earn money by getting advertisements. kazanis mak. For this, you need to get a rating. Let's answer the question of what is the rating as live TV with an example.


How is the rating measured?

Rating The company, which is first assigned to carry out the measurement for the measurement, chooses the families to be used as test subjects by examining the social structures in the provinces. Audience measuring devices called "peoplemeters" are placed on the televisions of families determined as subjects as a result of the researches. These devices send the data to the center at specified times every night.

This system, which is installed in the viewers' house, does not stay in any family for a long time. Approximately 20% of the viewers who start using the Peoplemeter change every year. Apart from this, families who do not watch television regularly are also removed from the system. In addition, when the socioeconomic structure of the house changes, for example, when the child of the house gets married and leaves the house, the established mechanism is taken back.


What are TOTAL, AB and ABC1?

Ratings are divided into groups as TOTAL, AB and ABC1. Each group is shaped according to the data of the households with different characteristics. Advertising companies mostly consider the EU group. The reason is that the households included in this group have high purchasing power and education levels. Most of the households in the EU group are university graduates and civil servants.

In groups, categories continue to decrease as c, d, e. The E group represents the households with the lowest educational and economic status, while the TOTAL group represents the sum of categories a, b, c, d and e.

Who is measuring ratings in the world?

Rating measurements are made in many countries around the world by a research company called Nielsen. The company, which started measurements in our country under the name of AGB Anadolu AŞ in 1989, first started its studies in Istanbul with 150 households.

The company, which is currently serving under the name AGB Nielsen, continued its activities until 2011, but due to some questionable situations about Nielsen, the authority for measurement operations was transferred to the company named TNS.

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