Samsung Electronics Wins 71 Different Awards at iF Design Awards

Samsung Electronics wins different awards in iF Design Awards
Samsung Electronics wins different awards in iF Design Awards

Samsung was deemed worthy of exactly 71 awards at the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Awards for its designs that improve the lifestyle of consumers in products and services.

Samsung Electronics received 2021 separate design awards at the world-renowned International Forum (iF) Design Awards 71. Two of the 36 awards Samsung received in product design were in the Gold Award category. The company received 10 awards in professional concepts, 11 in communication design, 5 in packaging design, and 9 in user experience, user interface and service design.

Gold Awarded products were BESPOKE AX9000N air purifier device and BESPOKE City Color Edition. BESPOKE AX9000N air cleaner received an award for its innovative concept that allows consumers to choose the front cover design of the air cleaner according to their lifestyle. The BESPOKE City Color Edition panel collection was awarded for offering many material options in kitchen appliances, including refrigerators, induction cookers and ovens, and color options inspired by cities such as Stockholm, Berlin and Seoul.

Some of the design awards Samsung received in the product category are as follows:

  • QLED 8K TV: Maximizes the immersive experience by reducing the bezel portion.
  • The Premiere: Home premium projector equipped with triple Lasers and Ultra Short Range technology.
  • WW8000T Washing Machine and DV8000T Dryer: Can be placed on top of each other, side by side or used separately depending on the area.
  • Galaxy Z Fold2 and Galaxy Z Flip: Offers a unique and innovative foldable smartphone experience to users.

Some of the awards Samsung has received for its designs that care about accessibility and the environment are as follows: 

  • WW8000T Washing Machine and DV8000T UX Dryer: It notifies different programs and temperatures with sound in order to increase accessibility and offer smart and comfortable use, and its design uses embossed text for visually impaired individuals.
  • Samsung Eco-Packaging: The sustainable packaging solution enables the upcycling of packaging containing Samsung products.

Dontae Lee, President and Vice President of the Samsung Electronics Corporate Design Center“It is very important for us to diversify the experiences we offer to consumers and add meaningful value to their lives. We will continue our efforts to undersign designs that contribute to the society and the lives of consumers with our innovative approach. " said.

Organized by the iF International Forum Design GmbH, the iF Design Awards competition was first held in Germany in 1953. iF Design Awards subject the designs of participating products to a comprehensive evaluation in 9 different disciplines and categories based on criteria such as making a difference and impact. The awards are given in the categories of product, packaging, communication, professional concept, interior architecture, architecture, service design, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI).



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