Radio History and Free Live Radios


radio broadcasting began in 1926, Turkey has come up today through different stages in different historical process. Radio, which used to be a means of receiving news, later turned into a music entertainment tool. TRT radio broadcasting monopoly continued until 1991 lived in Turkey, especially with the most active years between 1940 and 1980. Radio programming has developed and has become a medium that entertains with different contents while radio news. There was an increase in the number of programs with musical content and programs based on speech, and radio programs such as radio plays, educational and cultural programs, discussion programs and sports programs were produced.

Private-funded television stations that started broadcasting in the 1990s caused the radio medium to lose popularity. The number of private-funded radio stations and the radio stations that suddenly find themselves in a competitive market have given importance to commercial broadcasts and have turned more towards broadcasts with music content.

Music-content programs with lower production costs replaced high-cost programs with lyrics, and the variety of programs in the radio channel decreased. In the 2000s, the fast news reporting function of the internet and social media hit the news function of the radio channel and the channel became only broadcasting music. As a result, the radio channel has given more weight to its music broadcasts.

Today Radios are Now On-line

modern radio

Now the radios are history, but the radio broadcasts are in full swing. We are now listening to live radio on the internet, both while working, traveling and in our spare time. radio so the internet is now! It is now easy to listen to music that will keep you happy and motivated while enjoying your free time on the Internet or doing any job.

You will find many content that will please you during our broadcasts that you will enjoy listening to. We would like to state that all kinds of tracks that you would like to listen to our mood of that day are available on our sites. Vein FMis a channel that will make you happy while listening to you. Which is an official radio in Germany Vein FMAt the same time, the broadcast stream continues on the internet without interruption. The broadcast stream is arabesque and fantasy music and Turkish Classical Music.

About Damar FM

Damar FM broadcasts only on the internet. Damar FM also does not have terrestrial broadcasts. Damar FM broadcasts in arabesque music genre. The pieces he plays are usually on arabesque and fantasy. Arabesque is among the most preferred radios of music lovers. Created by people who have practiced arabesque music, the vein fm has been delivering the most popular songs to its listeners for years.If you enjoy listening to arabesque music, you should definitely visit Damar fm.

DamarFm started its broadcasting life on 21.05.2002 with the slogan "Razor-Like Radio". It is a licensed and official radio affiliated with GEMA in Germany and continues its broadcasting life uninterruptedly on the Internet.

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