Pezük: Irmak Zonguldak Railway Line Contributes Greatly to the Economy of the Country

pezuk, general manager of tcdd transportation, continues his business visits
pezuk, general manager of tcdd transportation, continues his business visits

Hasan Pezük, General Manager of TCDD Transportation, continues his business trips and visits. Pezük TCDD Taşımacılık continued to investigate the workplaces on the Ankara-Zonguldak line after visiting Ankara Regional Directorate and workplaces.

The first stop of the tour, which was started by the General Manager Pezük on April 8, was Irmak Station. Pezük, who started his visit from Kırıkkale-Irmak to Karabük-Ülkü Station, met with the staff here.

"Our Precondition for the Competence, Health and Motivation of Our Company Employees"

Pezük: “The Land of Black Diamonds Zonguldak is one of our most important railroad cities. The Irmak-Zonguldak line, which is an important route for ore transportation and known as the coal road, provides great services to our country's economy. With the renewal of this line, our line capacity and capability has increased in our freight transportation. This line is also very important for the tourism sector of our country. With the end of the pandemic conditions, with the commissioning of the Karaelmas Express, a very important dynamism will come to the region. I send my greetings to all my railroad friends working at our workplaces on this line. I wish you success. Here I find it useful to remind you once again; Our prerequisite is the competence, health and motivation of our company employees in order to achieve the targeted level of safety. In this context, our first priority in our railway transportation is safety. Once again, I would like everyone to show the necessary sensitivity and care in this matter. " said.

"We Show Sensitivity on the Development and Use of Domestic and National Products"

Pezük, who met with Kardemir General Manager Necdet Utkanlar in Karabük behind the station visits, emphasized that as our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pointed out, there are not very important investments in the development of the domestic and national railway industry and that Kardemir is the best example of this. .

Pezük: “Our pride, Kardemir, is constantly expanding its product range as a result of its investments and improvements, and successfully produces many high-tech products in our industry, from rail to train wheels. We also use these local and national products in our vehicles, ”he said.

Stating that Kardemir also carries out ore and product transportation by rail, Pezük concluded his words by saying, “Kardemir is one of our most important customers, we strive to strictly comply with Kardemir's transportation schedule so that there is no disruption in production”.

"We Are Producing Projects That Will Increase Our Collaborations With TCDD Transportation"

Kardemir General Manager Necdet Utkanlar stated that they are very pleased with the visit and said, “We know the needs of the railway sector, we are trying to produce all kinds of equipment that the railway sector needs step by step, with our long years of experience. We transport all of the ore we use in our factories by rail. In this way, we know that we are economically advantageous as well as protecting the environment. We produce projects that will increase our cooperation with TCDD Tasimacilik. " said.

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