Pera Museum Meets Art Lovers in Virtual Environment

pera banana meets with art lovers in a virtual environment
pera banana meets with art lovers in a virtual environment

Pera Museum brings together permanent and temporary exhibitions with art lovers in a virtual environment. The new digital exhibitions, which emerged with the three-dimensional modeling of exhibition spaces, offer an experience closer to the physical world, unlike the online exhibitions that can be accessed through the Google Arts & Culture platform. Three-dimensional exhibitions can also be experienced through virtual reality (VR) glasses.

Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Pera Museum, with its renewed website, carries its collections and temporary exhibitions to the virtual world in three dimensions. Pera Museum, which brings together the Orientalist Painting, Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics, Anatolian Weights and Measures collection exhibitions of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation under a single roof, this time offers this rich diversity to the attention of art lovers in a virtual environment. In the digital archive extending from the Osman Hamdi Bey hall, where the famous "Turtle Trainer" painting takes place, to the museum's new exhibitions, the works are accompanied by Turkish and English information and videos.

7/24 open exhibitions

Unlike the digital exhibitions that can be viewed on the Google Arts & Culture platform, three-dimensional virtual exhibition tours offer a closer and realistic experience to the physical world, supported by multimedia tools, where the works can be examined in the finest detail. With digital exhibitions compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) technology, the museum space can be visited step by step through three-dimensional digital replicas.

Among the collection exhibitions that can be visited by virtual tour; Anatolian Weights and Measures dating from 5 thousand years ago to today, Coffee Break, which examines the place of coffee in the Ottoman society in the axis of tile and ceramic production, Intersecting Worlds, where the works of names who have adopted both embassy and painter identity in the history of Ottoman diplomacy are exhibited, There are Osman Hamdi Bey exhibitions that focus on the art life.

Current exhibitions organized by Pera Museum in the last year can also be visited in virtual environment. Miniature 2.0, which includes contemporary interpretations of the art of miniature, The Construction of a Dream, which deals with the complicated relationship of Albanian history with socialism, and Crystal Clarity, which deals with environmental and social issues in the light of crystals, can visit these exhibitions whenever they want. The new exhibitions of the museum are A Matter of Pleasure and Etel Adnan: Returning Home Impossible have recently been added to the digital exhibition archive.

Virtual tours, in which the videos and digital materials that make up the content of the exhibition can be watched one-on-one, as well as artworks, can be visited free of charge on the Pera Museum website.

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