Single Weapon Vaccination in Combating Pandemic

The only weapon in the fight against the pandemic is rebellion
The only weapon in the fight against the pandemic is rebellion

The experts, stating that people who are not vaccinated make a big mistake despite the vaccination turn and make an appointment, point out the importance of being vaccinated.

Emphasizing that the only weapon in the fight against pandemic is vaccination, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur points out that anti-vaccination is wrong.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Medicine Dean, Head of Public Health Department Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur made evaluations about the increasing Covid-19 cases and the measures taken.

"Opinions of social scientists should also be taken!"

Stating that the opinions of not only health experts but also social scientists should be taken in the decisions taken in combating the pandemic, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “It is a little unfair to ask only the healthcare professionals about the decision to shut down the whole society. There are impossible situations in practice. We are experts in health. We are not social management scientists experts. They should also have a say in these decisions. I think the psychology of society is not governed. We can say that there is a boredom in the society. " said.

Stating that one section of the society follows the recommendations of the authorized institutions and experts, but the other section does not follow the rules. Dr. Haydar Sur said the following:

"There is a 30 percent callous group ignoring the rules ..."

“While 70 percent of the people in our society adhere strictly to all the measures recommended by the ministry, other experts, and us, and are devoted to protecting themselves well; There is a 30 percent insensitive group. They are ignoring the rules. Some of these may be due to economic impossibilities or necessities. I emphasize that we must respect them. We see people who go out saying they're just bored, I'm going for a walk. You see the state of Beyoğlu Istiklal Street in Istanbul. All the people there put their bread there. kazanyeast did not go. If you throw a needle, it does not fall to the ground. When asked what are you doing here, he says, 'I came to breakfast with friends'. In the period when there are 50 thousand cases a day, if there is a mass coming to breakfast with friends where the needle does not fall to the ground, it means that there is a very big problem here and health professionals cannot solve it. We only produce messages suitable for health techniques and methods, but it is not our business to convey these messages to the audience that needs to receive them. Here, our mass media specialists need to step in. The language we speak is not the language they adopt.”

"There has been a weariness in the society!"

Stating that there was a weariness in the society during this process, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “Now we are going here, and I say this with fear: Those who remained loyal until today said, 'From now on, I do not comply either. If we put it in the psychosis of 'what has already happened, what will happen will happen', we can reduce the compatible 70 percent of the population we have. We are health scientists. We produce our message to a certain extent. After that, we need to have more professional, experts on the subject that we need to put into practice. " said.

Stating that the Ministry of Health is not solely responsible for this struggle, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of National Education, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, and the municipalities should stand with the Ministry of Health more actively.

"The real good deed will not be coming together in Ramadan this year."

Stating that the month of Ramadan we are in is a blessed month and that there are very precious traditions such as crowded iftar tables, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “Iftar tables, sahur tables bringing the family together, prayers held between these times, sohbets are beautiful traditions that make Ramadan special. They also have rewards, but those who do this this year commit sins. The real good deed will pass not coming together this year. What is good for humanity is called good deeds. If we sacrifice our own pleasures in order not to make other people sick, this is the good deed in Ramadan. This year, the main good deed will be not to perform the tarawih in congregation but to perform it at home on our own. " said.

"We have no choice but to vaccinate!"

Drawing attention to the people who are not vaccinated despite the vaccination turn and appointment, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “These people should get their minds up and get vaccinated as soon as possible. There have been many, very unnecessary discussions about the vaccine. These unfortunately found more places than they should have. This is an extremely worthless view. Throughout history, there have always been those who opposed the vaccine. The vaccine has saved the lives of tens of millions of people each year and will continue to save. In the coronavirus pandemic, we currently have no choice but to vaccinate. " said.

"Vaccination opposition should be abandoned"

Noting that they expect Turkish vaccines to be activated as soon as possible, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “At least 80 million out of 50 million should be vaccinated so that we can overcome this situation. There is no other way out on the horizon. People who are afraid of vaccination and try to attach all kinds of handles to the vaccine should know that we have no weapons other than vaccines. You are taking this away from humanity. Have you thought how much this plague is? There is nothing worse in life than denigrating something without producing a better choice. Part of the problem is people who are unable to present the problem and produce a solution. At this point, I hope that anti-vaccination will be abandoned as soon as possible. I think this will benefit us a lot for the health of our society. " he spoke.

"If he does it according to his rules, let him eat his bread, we are not enemies to them ..."

Stating that some people in the society perceive the pandemic more contemptuously than it is, even though they are in the minority, Prof. Dr. Haydar Sur said, “Those people were able to blow the wind of being insensitive to this disease. When this is the case, for example, the market place is the bread and butter of many people. kazana place where. But if you take the mask out of your mouth and shout "come citizen, come", you run the risk of spreading the virus to a lot of people. You shouldn't do this. The risk of the market place can also be avoided if shopping is done from a distance of two meters. We are not hostile to those who eat there. We are not trying to produce a message, but if he does it with the rule, he will eat his bread, and we will manage the epidemic. If one of our relatives cannot find a bed in the intensive care unit and dies in the middle of the street, as in Italy, then who will take the responsibility, sin and responsibility of it, God forbid? We're saying what's on us. For better or for worse, risk management is the greatest responsibility of a Muslim, a smart 21st century person. We have to fulfill that.” he said.

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