Students Developed Projects to Prevent Covid-19 Contamination Risk in Elevator

students developed a project to prevent the risk of covid infection in the elevator
students developed a project to prevent the risk of covid infection in the elevator

SANKO Science and Technology High School 9th ​​grade students realized a first in the world with the project they developed by including artificial intelligence technology in the laminar flow system used in operating theaters and biological laboratories, and developed the system that would prevent the risk of contamination in the elevator of Covid-19.

Under the guidance of students Gökçe Bilge, Mustafa Ali Şahin and Yiğit Settar Evgülü, their advisory teachers Neriman Ersönmez, they developed an “Artificial Intelligence Supported New Generation Elevator Ventilation System” and carried out an important project aimed at preventing the risk of contamination in elevators in Covid-19.

In the "Artificial Intelligence Supported New Generation Elevator Ventilation System" project, which was developed by the students, the control of the number of people using the elevator with artificial intelligence technology by applying aminar current (vertical current) was achieved by counting the number of riders by artificial intelligence, not by collective weight measurement as in traditional methods. Fırat Mümtaz Asya, General Manager of SANKO Schools, emphasized the importance of the project developed by the students and said, “As a school, we support TÜBİTAK and similar scientific studies. The 'Artificial Intelligence Supported New Generation Elevator Ventilation System' developed in our school is an exemplary project for scientific studies. Scientific developments in general arise from the need and development needs in the world, ”he said.

Stating that Covid-19 is a challenging process that affects our country and the whole world, Asya said, “During the difficult pandemic process the whole world is going through, our students also thought about how we can contribute to the fight against Covid-19 and developed a project. The project has been an important work in terms of preventing the risk of contamination in elevators, which is mostly ignored in the society ”.

“We are proud of the success of our students, who developed projects with the determination to find solutions to social problems in such a difficult period and developed an idea that has no precedent in the world,” said Asya. Underlining that SANKO Schools raise students who produce high-level ideas and design at all levels, Asya noted that they care about students' ideas and support them with advisors.

Asya said, “We prepare our students for life with quality education and the projects they develop. I congratulate our students and teachers, who are our source of pride for their achievements ”and concluded his words.

Advisor Teacher Ersönmez

Neriman Ersönmez, the consultant teacher of the project, is in the project; He said that considering the risk of contamination in elevators, they aim for a holistic hygiene system that can prevent airborne contamination in elevators.

Reminding that there are different transmission methods of Covid-19, but among these methods, the transmission of the covid-19 virus transmitted by air from person to person in the elevator or suspended in the air is ignored, Ersönmez continued his words as follows:

“We saw that there was a lot of contamination in the elevator and our students examined the ventilation systems and revealed that the turbulent air flow used in the elevator increased the contamination with the ambient particle experiment they carried out. they succeeded in removing the Covid virus suspended in the air with the laminar flow system by lowering it to the ground. "

Project features

Ersönmez, who reiterated that laminar flow ventilation method was used by bringing a new perspective to the ventilation system used in the elevator, gave the following information about the 'Artificial Intelligence Supported New Generation Elevator Ventilation System' developed by his students:

“When our students started the project, they started off from the laminar flow system used in operating rooms and biological laboratories. By incorporating artificial intelligence technology into the laminar flow system, the control of the number of people using the elevator was not determined by mass weight measurement as in traditional methods, but by counting the number of people riding by artificial intelligence. The project we developed has no example in the world. The right to participate in the Turkish finals by winning the TÜBİTAK regional competitions kazanWe have also started our official initiatives to patent our 'Artificial Intelligence Supported New Generation Elevator Ventilation System' project.

With the audio warning system added to the project, it was ensured that people comply with the social distance and mask rules. Thus, risks have been minimized. When the number of people in the elevator exceeds the elevator capacity, the system gives a warning to comply with the mask and social distance rules. In addition, the working speed of the ventilation system was regulated by the number of people detected by artificial intelligence, enabling the system to save energy. By making the system economical, we operate the ventilation system at a lower level when one person gets on, and at a higher level when two or more people get on. This enables us to use the system in an energy-efficient manner. "

Emphasizing that the system is structured in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), Ersönmez pointed out that the images of individuals are not instantly processed by the system and stored anywhere, and this feature reflects a different aspect of the system.

Underlining that SANKO Schools work with a project culture, Ersönmez said, “Although our students are in the 9th grade and in the online education system, they easily adapted to the project development culture. At our school, our project culture revolves around social responsibility. We attribute every subject we learn to a social slor. This leads our students to seek technological solutions when they see any social problems. For this reason, our students adopt projects and act with social responsibility awareness. They become more sensitive to social issues and think focused on generating solutions ”.

Ersönmez said that the project is both economical and classrooms, meeting rooms and so on. He added that it is a work that will make a great contribution to the people in the future and will be a model for the whole world in terms of its applicability to mass and crowded areas.

Student's views

Gökçe Bilge, who stated that they brought a different perspective to the indoor and narrow space ventilation that people like the Covid-19 pandemic and then had to use collectively, such as elevators, shared the following information:

“We are going through a process where the whole world is struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. We thought about how we could be beneficial to our country and humanity in such a difficult period. Based on the laminar flow system used in operating rooms and biological laboratories, we started to work to prevent the risk of contamination of Covid-19 in the elevator. We aimed to use laminar flow ventilation system for viruses and microorganisms that cause contamination by hanging in the air and we succeeded. "

Mustafa Ali Şahin reminded that in the project, they aimed to minimize virus contamination by modeling a holistic hygiene system controlled by image processing under the support of artificial intelligence, under the control of the number of people using the elevators with laminar flow, the working speed of the ventilation system, social distance and mask warnings.

Underlining that one of the places where virus transmission can occur most easily is elevators, Şahin summarized the project as follows:

“Although individuals are now highly aware of this issue, reminding people of social distance rules can prevent the risks that may occur with absent-mindedness or carelessness. For this reason, with the audio warning system we added to our project, we have prevented possible risks by reminding people of masks and social distance rules in case more than one person uses the elevator. "

Yiğit Settar Evgülü, who stated that they successfully completed the project as a result of an intensive work that lasted about eight months in the presence of their advisors, gave the following information:

“When we switched to distance education due to the pandemic process, we did 70 percent of the project online. We wanted to develop a project for the elevator interior where the risk of contamination is ignored. We are happy to sign a project that we believe will benefit people greatly after the pandemic. We also develop our project aiming to return from Turkey TÜBİTAK finals with honors. "

"Artificial Intelligence Aided New Generation Elevator Ventilation System" project by TUBITAK 52nd High School Students Research Projects Regional Competition from valedictorian returning Gokce wise, Mustafa Ali Sahin and Yigit Sattar Evgül, 24- May 28 date at online will be held in Turkey finals Sanko School and Gaziantep They will compete for the first prize by representing Turkey.

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