Novexx Solutions Labeling Systems Handles Labeling Untouched

novexx solutions tagging systems do tagging without touching
novexx solutions tagging systems do tagging without touching

Manually pasted labels also carry the risk of making mistakes, as they depend on personal effort. At the same time, it can create unfavorable situations in terms of hygiene, especially in some sectors.

As the production line and products differ according to the sector, the applications and needs for labeling also differ. In sectors with mass production lines, "systems that will not slow down the line and where necessary will be labeled in more than one place" are installed. More standard solutions are suitable for the labeling needs of some companies.

Novexx Solutions offers a solution to the needs of companies that want to automate their labeling systems without human touch.


With the selected products or labeling automations made according to the demands and needs of the company; It is possible to easily label "different points of different surfaces" without touching the products.

Companies that want to label their products without touching them can find the solution they need from the Novexx Solutions product range.

Novexx Solutions contributes to the accurate and reliable application of self-adhesive labels of any shape and size to any product with its wide range of labeling systems.

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