and Publisher Up Cooperation With Warface again in Turkey

my games publisher name and re-union with Warface turkiyede
my games publisher name and re-union with Warface turkiyede

Warface came together for marketing and communication activities in Turkey MY.GAMES and Publisher, calendar announces Warface renewed when the players show February 18. Influencia the partnerships, game tournaments and PR Warface his work, he made a quick entry to Turkey.

Worldwide, more than 100 million players with Warface, Turkey made its debut. MY.GAMES, which opened Istanbul servers for the use of players, did not stop with this and brought Turkish language support to Warface. The company has agreed with the Publisher for all marketing and communication processes in the Turkey game, and players will be notified by the Publisher from all innovations about Warface in Turkey.

With the joint broadcasts of Unlost, Mithrain and the Cosmic Ant on February 27, hundreds of thousands of players met the renewed Warface again. However, during the launch of Turkey's most popular game from the makers of the game with Enis Kirazoğlu publishers met in Devin Talks. In MY.Games Franchise Leader Ivan Pabiarzhyn Dev Talks, "Warface, which we started working with the vision of making a huge and free FPS game, has become a more realistic and military game over the course of 5 years. Warface, with the addition of PvE missions as well as PvP missions, has become much more competitive. What makes Warface different from other FPS games is that we constantly offer new content to the players. '' They had Turkish language support for players in Turkey and Istanbul life servers to add Ivan Pabiarzhyn, Turkey whether the players is very important for MY.GAMES and in this context underlined the satisfaction of working with the Publisher for Turkey market.

In addition to the Influencer partnerships, Publishme also conducted a special study for Warface's PR processes and Warface was announced to Turkish gamers with over 200 press reflections, numerous reviews and interviews. Gamify Warface Tournaments and Influencer Invitational events held in February and March brought together FPS fans.

Gamify Warface Tournaments continue in full swing in April 2021. The Warface Influencer Invitational event, which will bring together popular broadcasters Unlost, Mithrain, Cosmic Ant, Ubeka_ and Sizophren once again, will be watched live on broadcasters' Twitch and Nonolive channels on April 25.

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