Passenger Train Derails in Egypt 15 Injured

passenger train derailed in Egypt injured
passenger train derailed in Egypt injured

A passenger train derailed near the Sarkiye province, in northern Egypt. Khaled Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Health and Population of Egypt, announced that 15 people were injured in the incident that took place last night.

The wounded were transferred to Minya al-Qamh Central Hospital by ambulances arriving at the scene. Six people with mild injuries were discharged from the hospital after their treatment.

While there was no loss of life in the accident, it was reported that the work to open the railway continues. It was learned that a technical team from the Railway Authority was set up to investigate the reason for the derailment of the train.

In the news reflected in the local media, it was stated that the train went from the city of Zagazig to the capital Cairo and derailed near the province of Sharjah.

Last month, 2 people died and 32 were injured in the accident that occurred with the collision of two trains in the city of Sevhac, Egypt.

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