Flash Statement from Minister of National Education Selçuk for Face-to-Face Exams

Flash explanation for face-to-face exams by the minister of national education
Flash explanation for face-to-face exams by the minister of national education

📩 21/04/2021 15:18

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered Okan Bayülgen's questions on the education agenda in the TV100 live program “Nokta”. Selçuk said, “I am their teacher. As a teacher, I sometimes say things that they like very much, I do, but sometimes I also say things that they don't like because of my responsibility. Our main question is what kind of future awaits our children. ” gave place to his statements.

Selçuk explained that the generation Z exhibits certain behaviors as required by their ages, and that they expect this from them. Minister Selçuk said, “We are a team with them. To be their hero or their minister, and so on. These are secondary to me. I am their teacher. As a teacher, I sometimes say things that they like very much, I do, but sometimes I also say things that they don't like because of my responsibility. Our main question is what kind of future our children expect. Today's problems will pass. There is an exit. The way will be found. Nobody should give up hope. " used the expressions.

Minister Selçuk noted that the 8th and 12th grades continue face-to-face education and that they act according to the data of the Scientific Committee and the statistics on the question of the exams to be held. Emphasizing that the identity of the school to establish social relations, spend time with friends and entertainment was not understood until before the epidemic, Selçuk continued: “When we meet with scientists, 'Statistics require schools to be closed.' when you say, we close. "

indicating that there is a situation of serious damage related to the education system of Turkey's Selcuk, he said: "I 'give everything empty.' Do I want to be tolerated by saying? There is an epidemic, there is an extraordinary situation; I am not one, two, three exams, but one exam. Around 90 percent of kids quit everything when we give up completely, when live classes are closed, or when there are no exams. How do you imagine if the child is working if the environment is not forcing or circumstances are not directing. Generally, if there is a compulsory environment, homework expectation and exam expectation, the possibility of preparation increases. If nothing happens, nothing happens. "

"We kept village schools open because there would be regression and loss"

Selçuk stated that village schools were open for a long time and primary schools were opened for five days and grades 8 and 12; He explained that they try to keep village schools and primary schools open because of academic stress, regression and loss.

Stating that schools are safer in terms of epidemics because they are constantly controlled, Selçuk explained the work done for children during the epidemic period.

Vaccination Process of 425 Thousand Teachers Started

Regarding the vaccination of teachers, Minister Ziya Selçuk said, “Today, the vaccination process of 425 thousand teachers has started. Whenever they want, they can make an appointment and go and get vaccinated. It was first started from primary schools and village schools. We shared the identity information of 1 million 259 thousand friends with the Ministry of Health. The important thing here is the vaccine procurement process. Because the Ministry of Health plans the vaccine and they are planning it very precisely. " said.

Selçuk also mentioned the vaccination of kindergarten teachers and noted that the group is a priority. Reiterating that 425 thousand teachers' appointments are ready, Selçuk said that interviews were held with experts in the field of medicine regarding children at this level.

Pandemic and Digital Education

Selçuk answered the question as to whether the pandemic will have any gain in education: “Education is actually one of the most conservative institutions in the world. It is very resistant. Because it has close contact with the status quo. This massive structure of education, this mass education created by the second period of the industrial society is actually like a factory education. There is no person or individual there, there is a large mass there. With the epidemic period, some windows of opportunity appeared. I see it in terms of the mentality and dialectic of nature. "

Stating that people grow up with conscience, Selçuk said that education should also be evaluated within this scope. Stating that this may partly be digital education, Selçuk said, “Face-to-face education has a very different place. Of course, we want face-to-face training as a priority. " said. Stating that they switched to demand-based in-service training, Selçuk said that teachers gained a lot of digital skills in 5-6 months.

"Opportunity to learn the difference between high schools in Turkey"

Voicing is the difference between learning opportunities and high schools Selcuk in Turkey, underlined that it should be reduced. Selçuk stated that they changed the systematic of the questions in the exam by taking into account some codes related to the universal language in education, and that they brought to the fore the questions based on reasoning ability and interpretation, not based on memorization.

Giving information about the "We are in the villages with our courses" project, Selçuk said, "Education actually lasts a lifetime. We have Public Education Centers. People in cities can come to these centers and get training on any subject. However, we have people in the villages, it is difficult for them to go to the city and take courses every day. I am writing a letter to the headmen for the first time, 'Let's come to your village, bring our teachers, bring our course to you, let us teach you greenhouse cultivation. Let's give you a certificate. You can do business with this certificate, you can apply to public institutions. ' we said. Whichever village requests a course from us in around 380 areas, we look at the atmosphere of that village and put forward priority areas for whatever is needed there. We contribute to the education of our people in this sense and enable them to enter production. " he spoke.

"We need at least 100 thousand workshops"

Speaking about the content of the Design-Skill Workshops, Selçuk continued his speech as follows: “I do not want the whole system to be just a paper and pencil system. I want the children to use their hands. Children have to engage in ceramics, soil, robots and sports. A workshop is required for this. We established around 10 thousand workshops in our schools with Design-Skill Workshops. We need at least 100 thousand workshops. In these workshops, students will have experience and when they come to the 12th grade they will not say 'I wonder what department I choose…' because they will see what they are capable of. "

Selçuk said that 220 thousand teachers about storytelling were given a Fairy Tale Telling Certificate and that they opened fairy tale houses.

Minister Selçuk concluded his speech as follows: “Our opportunity to do some things has increased due to the epidemic. For example, before the epidemic, some lessons were taught remotely. However, 'How will it be done, is the lesson done remotely?' There were questions and comments like but the important thing is, of course we will do face-to-face training, but if we have such an opportunity, why shouldn't the child receive education individually like EBA? Why does everyone have to do the same? We have a journey towards personalized education. We are starting this slowly too. We are building a large digital platform: Choose, like, watch system. It is a platform where there are certified trainings for parents, adults, rural areas, urban people, in which field, whatever education you want, free of charge and continuing every day. In this context, we will see that the next process flows here. "

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