MG Cyberster Concept Car Travels 800 Km on One Charge

mg cyberster concept car covers kilometers with a single charge
mg cyberster concept car covers kilometers with a single charge

Dogan Dogan Holding, which operates under the umbrella of the Automotive Trends legendary British car brand MG assume the distributor in Turkey, which recently opened its doors in 2021 at the Shanghai Auto Show, which he CYBERSTAR name has introduced a new concept car.

Standing out as a two-door, two-seat, 100% electric sports car, MG Cyberster perfectly blends the “roadster” car concept that embellishes the brand's sporting history with today's modern design lines and the most advanced technology.

Legendary British brand MG, preparing to celebrate its 2024th anniversary in 100, introduced its brand new concept car Cyberster, which connects its strong history with its innovative and high-tech approach today. The MG Cyberster concept, which was officially unveiled at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, is not only the sporty side of the brand; At the same time, it reveals its exciting and promising approach.

MG Cyberster

Innovative design inspired by MG's past

Designed by SAIC's international design team, the owner of the MG brand, the Cyberster concept symbolizes the brand's commitment to traditions, with design elements inspired by the MGB Roadster, one of the most important models in MG's history. Interactive "Magic Eye" headlights that open when operated in the front section and the thinly designed grille attract attention. In line with the aesthetic understanding of the electric car era, MG Cyberster's front grille is designed to create a continuous line that extends towards the rear, improving aerodynamic performance. LED light 'laser arches' on the sides of the car and LED taillights reflecting MG's British heritage create a digital visual feast. 7-spoke high-performance wheels complement the overall dynamism of MG Cyberster. MG Cyberster has an impressive interior full of details that reflect its high technology. The “digital fiber” interior design theme adopts a driver-oriented design and divides the cockpit in half. A second central screen with a fully touchscreen large-sized LED instrument panel contributes to driving pleasure.

MG Cyberster

Battery without module

MG Cyberster is designed with an approach that combines mechanical performance and smart technology. The concept sports car has a smart, 100% electric architecture with an advanced version of "moduleless battery technology (CTP)", one of the most striking development areas of today in battery technology. Thanks to these technological superiorities, MG Cyberster offers its users an impressive range of 800 kilometers and an acceleration of 3-0 km / h in under 100 seconds. The high technology of the vehicle shows itself with advanced smart technologies such as smart driving, active update technology, 5G connectivity and 3rd level autonomous driving. “The Cyberster is an assertive and powerful design that sheds light on the future of MG,” said Carl Gotham, Director of Advanced London, SAIC Design. It is inspired by our heritage from the past; but more importantly, it also incorporates our most advanced technology and advanced design. "Sports cars form the basis of MG DNA and the Cyberster is an exciting concept for us in every way."

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