Meram Underground Car Park Has Ended

Meram has come to an end in the underground parking lot
Meram has come to an end in the underground parking lot

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Uğur İbrahim Altay made examinations in the construction of the Meram Underground Parking Lot, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor Altay said that the 1000-vehicle car park will be put into service after the Ramadan Feast.

Mayor Altay stated that they have made important investments to make Meram an attraction again and stated that one of the most important problems in the region is the parking lot.


Stating that people feel the need for a comfortable, comfortable and safe parking lot when they come to Meram, Mayor Altay said, “We are working very hard to eliminate it. Our indoor parking lot for 1000 vehicles is about to be completed. Hopefully, it will be put into service after the Eid al-Fitr. We create a comfortable environment for our visitors both from Konya and outside the city at Meram Last Stop, with a cost of approximately 28 million TL. Hopefully, once the investments we have made in the Meram region are completed, Meram will become much more attractive than before. Good luck to our city. " used the expressions.


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