Malatya, Turkey Happened on the Railway Cargo Transportation Region 2

TRANSPORT load malatya railway zone in turkiyede
TRANSPORT load malatya railway zone in turkiyede

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Malatya Regional Director was Alisa 5. Hangover, carrying 7 million tonnes of cargo a year said they were 2nd district in Turkey.

TCDD Malatya 5th Regional Manager Aliseydi Felek gave information about their work in the field of railways. Railways stated that the 164-year institution Hangover, "technology is years ahead of us in Turkey too high a rate. But it is an institution that has been postponed for a while, postponed a little. We are an institution that started with high speed trains for about 15 years and reminds itself again. Our regular passenger trains do not provide transportation that is late for days as before. Passenger trains are not held. In the past, a passenger train from Malatya to Ankara could not take 20-25 hours, now it reaches Ankara in about 16 hours. He said "There is a passenger train running with a much better service."

Existing railway network to all of the renewed expression that close Hangover, Turkey expressed that they serve the citizens of about 27 thousand staff worldwide. Stating that the number of personnel will be increased to 2030 thousand by 80 with the instruction of President Erdoğan, Felek said, “Railways have developed a lot, our state has invested a lot. Currently, our citizens travel cheaper in rail transport compared to many countries in the world. " said.

The next process in the Transport and Infrastructure Ministry is the biggest investment of railways in the transfer spree would have the allowance given to last year's railways in Turkey is TL 8,5 billion, while this year has been reminded of this allowance 14,5 billion removed.

Noting that Elazığ and Adıyaman will also benefit from this investment, Felek said, “We have completed the high-speed train project between Malatya and Çetinkaya. The high-speed train project between Çetinkaya and Sivas is at its final stage. When that is completed, Malatya will soon have a high-speed train when the high-speed train tender between Malatya and Sivas is made. High speed train is civilization, railways are civilization. We need to introduce the State Railways to our country and our citizens at the required level. Our high-speed trains offer much more comfortable travel than airplanes. You learn the development of a country by looking at the railways networks there ”.

Noting that they carry an average of 500 to 500 tons of freight with a freight train, Regional Manager Felek said that they want to increase their share in transportation. 1 year, 7 million tons of freight they carry on expressing Hangover, "We are 2nd district in Turkey in this field. We are carrying 7 million tons of this 3,5 million tons in Malatya. ''

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