Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Closure Measures

Frequently asked questions about partial closure measures
Frequently asked questions about partial closure measures

The Ministry of Interior answered 9 questions frequently asked by citizens about the new corona virus measures announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the Cabinet Meeting.

Frequently asked questions and answers about the partial closure measures on the Ministry of Interior website are as follows;

Question 1- General assembly etc. by trade unions. Can activities with broad participation?

Answer 1. All kinds of activities with broad participation, including the general assembly, will not be allowed until May 17, 2021, by trade unions such as non-governmental organizations, professional organizations in the quality of public institutions and their higher organizations and unions and cooperatives.

Question 2- How will the intercity travels of our citizens aged 65 and over, who are restricted from going out on the streets on weekdays, and young people and children under the age of 18?

Answer 2. As the Circular imposes a curfew for citizens aged 65 and over, young people and children under 18, on all weekends and excluding certain hours on weekdays (65-10.00 for 14.00 and over; 18-14.00 for under 18.00)

- Intercity public transportation activities of our citizens aged 65 and over by private vehicles or public transportation vehicles in the period and days in which the curfew is subject to the curfew is subject to permission and permission must be obtained from the travel permit boards.

- Young people under the age of 18 and our children can travel between cities within the framework of the rules applicable to unrestricted age groups, provided that they are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

Question 3- How will the intercity travels of our citizens (excluding those 65 and over and under 18) who do not have a mandatory status during the period and days in which the curfew is applied?

Answer 3. The intercity travels of our citizens who do not have any compulsory condition (discharge or doctor appointment, death of their relative, lack of accommodation in the city where they are located, participation in central examinations, completing military service, receiving a letter of invitation to the contract and release from prison) It will be possible by using means of transportation (airplane, bus, train, ship, etc.). Intercity travel ticket, reservation code and so on. Submitting with the travel route and time will be exempted from the curfew restriction.

Question 4- Is it possible to travel by private vehicle within the time period in which the curfew is not applied?

Answer 4. Intercity travel can be made by private vehicles provided that they stay within the time intervals other than the periods and days in which the curfew is applied (there are no restrictions regarding the curfew). However, intercity travels with such private vehicles must be planned according to the starting times of the curfew, and even if the destination city has not been reached, it will not be allowed to continue intercity travel without a travel permit during the curfew.

Question 5- Are financial advisors exempted from the curfew?

Answer 5. Independent financial advisors are generally subject to curfews. However, due to the necessity of submitting the corporate tax return until April 30, 2021, financial advisors and their employees will be exempted from the curfews only for 17-18 April and 24-25 April 2021 Saturday and Sunday.

On the other hand, this exemption is not a general exemption, but is limited to the departure and arrival of financial advisors and employees from their residences to and from their workplaces, depending on the reason for exemption. Otherwise situations will be considered as abuse of exemption and will be subject to administrative / judicial sanctions.

Question 6- Can marriage procedures be carried out without any ceremony, wedding ceremony or wedding?

Answer 6. There is no objection in making official marriage procedures without having a ceremony, wedding ceremony or wedding. However, as clearly stated in the relevant Circular, engagement, henna, ceremony, wedding ceremony or wedding will not be allowed until May 17, 2021.

Question 7- Is it possible to serve as table service at the eating and drinking places in the listening facilities?

Answer 7. Food and beverage places, which are permitted by the Provincial / District General Hygiene Boards, located on the sides of the highways outside the borders of the settlement units and located in the recreational facilities to meet the needs of the intercity travelers can only be served at the table, provided that the service is provided to the intercity travelers and that more than two people are not opened at the same table .

Question 8- Are travel agencies, professional tourist transport vehicles and professional tourist guides exempted from the restrictions imposed by the Circular for certain hours on weekends?

Answer 8. As foreign tourists who are temporarily / briefly in our country within the scope of touristic activities are exempted from the curfew on weekends, travel agencies that will provide tour and transfer services for foreign tourists coming to our country, professional tourist transport vehicles (with a tourist transport vehicle certificate) drivers and tourist guidance Professional tourist guides who will carry out their activities (who have a tourist guide badge and ID card) are exempt from the curfew restrictions applied for certain periods and days, provided that they provide services only to foreign tourists and receive a document from the authorized travel agency that includes the duty area, the purpose of the mission and the travel route or tour program. .

Question 9- How will workplaces that also provide hairdresser and beauty center / salon services work?

Answer 9. Since the activities of beauty centers / salons are temporarily suspended until May 17, 2021 with the circular, both hairdressers and beauty centers / salons will only be able to provide hairdressing services during the month of Ramadan and will not be able to offer beauty center / salon services.

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