KARDEMİR Released a Special Message for its 84th Anniversary


📩 02/04/2021 17:32

On April 84, 3, 1397 years ago, the foundations of the Karabük Iron and Steel Factories, the pioneer of our domestic and national industry, which constitute an important pillar of the crowning of the national independence gained in the poverty of a nation after the liberation war with economic independence, were laid, that day is also the birth of Karabük and the Day of Establishment. .
Turkish Iron and steel production, starting with the first date of September 10, 1939 produced in our company today has put Turkey among the largest manufacturers in the world, the steel industry has been one of Turkey's most important export sector.

Undoubtedly, every Karabük citizen has a hard time and sweat in this success of our country, because the Turkish Iron and Steel Industry grows and develops in this city and progresses towards 2023 targets.

As the industrial city of the 20th century and the city of industry, tourism, science and education of the 21st century, Karabük has put the seal of labor in almost every corner of our country and is the only city that celebrates its establishment.

These facilities, which were decided to be closed in 1994 on the grounds that they had completed their economic and technological life, came to the brink of closing in the early 1995s after their privatization in 2000. Especially after 2002, made by the renewing of our production technology company with investments, today, it has become one of Turkey's largest industrial enterprise. KARDEMİR is now entering its 84th year with new hopes and new targets.

Just like in the past, we continue our activities with the understanding of "Our priority is human". Our goal is to take firm steps towards the goals of 2023 and to move forward the flag of Turkish industry, which we have proudly carried for 84 years.

As KARDEMİR; We aim to increase our product range with strategic products with high added value, thus contributing to the closing of our country's foreign trade deficit, while increasing our competitive power. As a matter of fact, our Rail and Railway Wheel production facilities, which are unique in the region and in our country, and our moves in the automotive industry are among the best examples of this.

All employees of our company did not compromise their work effort and production devotion despite all the negativities in 2020, which was a difficult year due to the pandemic. So much so that even in 2020, full of unknown and anxious, production records were broken in our rolling mills and a profitable period was left behind.

With this determination and determination; We will continue to work today as we did yesterday for a sustainable success that will contribute to the welfare and happiness of our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders, people of Karabük and our country. We will achieve this by hand in hand, in unity, with our love of Kardemir, our love for Karabük, our love for the country and our belief in each other.

Turkey's four came over the establishment of Karabük Iron and Steel Plant and which contribute to the revival so far; We express our heartfelt gratitude to our nation and all of our employees who sweat to carry this sacred flag they received from their ancestors further.

On this occasion, we present our gratitude and gratitude to all those who have made their efforts, from Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who established our company as the most important building block of our national industrialization drive, to our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who made it stand up again.

We celebrate the 84th anniversary of the establishment of all Karabük residents, our employees and Öz-Çelik İş Union, who have contributed to our factory from the past to this day, and we hope to come together again in enthusiastic celebrations on healthy days.

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