Who is Kahtalı Mıçe?

Who is kahtali mici
Who is kahtali mici

Kahtalı Mıçe comes to the fore with its unique style as well as the programs it attends. Kahtalı Mica, was famous throughout Turkey in folk music. One of the most curious issues about Kahtalı Mıçe is her real name. Here is the real name and information about Kahtalı Mıçe's life ...

Kahtalı Mıçe Kahtalı Mıçe, whose real name was Mustafa Aslan, was born in 1953 in the district of Kahta in Adıyaman. Mıçı is short for Mustafa.

Mıçe, Mustafa has two sisters and a brother. He went to primary school in Kahta Kubilay Primary School. He went to work in the cotton fields as a child. For this reason, he could finish primary school in 2 years. He received his secondary school diploma by taking the exams from outside. He worked as a local Turkish singer in Kahta from the age of 9. He sang folk songs at weddings and concerts. After graduating from school, he started to work at the Provincial Directorate of Physical Education.

He played in the movie "Beynelmilel". Kahtalı Mıçe, who lived in Gaziantep between 1989 and 1990, immigrated to Istanbul in 1991 and after living in Istanbul for a while, she settled in Şanlıurfa and still lives there. For years, he has voiced the works of artists such as Nuri Sesigüzel, Ahmet sezgin, Sami Kasap, Mahsuni Şerif.

Kahtalı Mıçe married Hülya Hanım in 1975. Has 4 children

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