Izmir Kent Bread Ramadan Pide Will Be Sold For 1,5 Lira

Izmir Kent Bread Ramadan Pita will be sold for lira
Izmir Kent Bread Ramadan Pita will be sold for lira

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has determined the selling price of the pita to be sold at Kent Ekmek kiosks during Ramadan as 1,5 TL. 250 grams of Ramadan pitas produced by Kent Bread Factory under hygienic conditions will be offered to Izmir residents at 60 different kiosks.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Bakery Factory, which was established to offer additive-free and affordable bread produced under hygienic conditions to the people of İzmir, will sell the 250 grams of Ramadan pita it will produce during the month of Ramadan for 1,5 TL. Kent Ekmek will sell 15 thousand Ramadan pitas, which it plans to produce, at 60 Kent Ekmek Sales Buffet.

Pitas can be purchased at the buffets between 11.00-18.00. Flour, water, salt and yeast are used in bread and pitas produced by modern machines without human touch. In addition, bread production continues at the facility. 250 grams of bread is offered for sale at 1,25 TL at Kent Ekmek Branches.

White, whole-wheat and gluten-free bread is produced at the Kent Bakery Factory, which is affiliated with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Grand Plaza A.Ş.

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