Dismissal Restriction Has Been Reorganized! Code-29 Victimization Removed

Dumping restrictions have been reorganized
Dumping restrictions have been reorganized

When it is seen that it causes uncertainties in working life, the reasons for dismissal in the "moral and good will" article, which is applied as an exception, will now be included in separate headings.

According to the news of TRT News; The Social Security Institution rearranged the restriction on dismissal. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, dismissals were prohibited under the name of termination restriction for about a year, and in this practice, "situations that do not comply with the rules of morality and goodwill" were accepted as an exception.

With the new regulation, these exceptions, which are listed as Code 29 in the Social Security Institution (SGK) system, were divided into sub-headings.

Termination Regulation by SSI

Deliberate and continuous negligence of the duty, not coming to work without an excuse, sexual harassment, swearing, theft, drug abuse and theft will now be reported separately.

Thus, by using these exception clauses, it is planned to prevent unfair dismissals. Despite the dismissal ban, the SSI also denied the claim that many employees were victims during the epidemic period. With the Code 29 item, it was stated that the number of layoffs was less than in previous years. The number of termination of employment contracts, which was more than 2018 thousand in 233, decreased to 2020 thousand in 176.

Number of Layoffs in Restriction

In the statement, which stated that there were allegations that many workers dismissed with Code-29 in order to break the termination restriction of the employers, “In order to break the termination restriction, there are allegations that a large number of employees were dismissed by using Code-29 without the employee's behavior that violated the rules of ethics and goodwill. According to the previous period SSI data, the number of employees whose reason for leaving the job is Code-29; It is 2018 thousand 233 in 430, 2019 thousand 194 in 524, and 2020 thousand 176 in 662. In the period before the termination restriction, an average of 17 thousand employees per month were reported as Code-29, while this number was lower in the period after the termination restriction, with an average of 15 thousand people per month. " It was said.

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