OHS CEO Göral: Allegations Do Not Reflect the Truth

isg CEO goral allegations do not reflect the truth
isg CEO goral allegations do not reflect the truth

OHS CEO Ersel Göral said, “We make every effort within our means to help our business partners overcome this crisis with us. We have provided many opportunities from rent discounts to expanding the shopping opportunities of the stores with the investment of the shop @ saw e-commerce platform. In order to support 126 commercial tenants, airlines and ground handling operators during the pandemic period, we offered a lease support program with a discount of approximately 6 million Euros in total, ”he said. Airport management Goral, indicating that ensure the continuity of airport operations for all stakeholders of the most urgent priority, MAHB, which owns 100% of the OSH shares Group that expressed its confidence that Turkey's economy at every opportunity, OHS and that he remains committed to the growth of the Turkish civil aviation sector .

Ersel Göral, CEO of Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport terminal operator company OHS, made statements about the applications for businesses in the terminal, on April 1, 2021, about the unfounded allegations in the Damga Newspaper and some other publications.

Ersel Göral said, “As it is known, while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to push the global economy, one of the hardest affected sectors was aviation. The situation of Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in terms of reduced passenger traffic and the resulting financial impact is not unique to our airport; Airports all over the world face similar challenges in managing and mitigating negative impacts. “Rents beyond any conscience” featured in the news published in some media organs recently; “Persecution of business owners”; Situations such as "burning letters of guarantee (due to the pandemic) of enterprises" and "making derogatory statements by company officials about tradesmen, employees and the Turkish government" certainly do not reflect the truth. On the contrary, the most urgent priority of airport management is to ensure the continuity of airport operations for all stakeholders. We made every effort within our means to help our business partners overcome this crisis with us. As part of these efforts, we are making an intense effort to rebuild passengers' confidence in air travel during the pandemic period ”.

Göral listed some of the support provided by OHS as follows:

  • “During the pandemic period, it was ensured that the airport hygiene measures were met at the highest international standards. So much so that Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen became the first Group airport to receive the global Airport Health Accreditation given by the International Airports Council (ACI) last February.
  • Tenants were provided with financial support during the April - May 2020 period, when the airport was closed, by not accruing rental fees for 2 months. In addition, in order to help relieve the cash flow of our business partners, up to 2020 percent rent discount was made to eligible tenants for a total of eight months, covering the period between March 2020 and June - December 50.
  • No late interest was applied to tenants for the period from April 2020 to February 2021.
  • A significant amount of investment has been made in the development of the shop @ saw e-commerce platform for the stores at the airport. In this way, it was aimed to expand the access of the stores at the airport to customers beyond the physical environment of the airport, thus alleviating the negative impact of the reduced traffic at the airport.
  • Technologies were put into use to ensure that the airport environment is hygienically safe for our passengers during the pandemic, thus contributing to the recovery of passenger traffic. Aerobot, self-check-in kiosks, sleeping cabins, as well as additional self-check-in kiosks and self-luggage delivery counters for a contactless airport experience have been included in these technologies.
  • A lease support program was offered to 126 commercial tenants, airlines and ground handling operators with a total discount of approximately € 6 million. 4 million Euros of this amount has been used to date. However, tenants were required to meet certain conditions. For example, in this context, tenants were asked to close payments that belonged to the period before COVID-19 and were due. This was a fair demand as the balances were made in the period before the pandemic began. Airport operators are also financially affected by the pandemic, and it is critical that we keep the airport running so that our citizens can benefit.
  • A fair process was taken to handle grievances and communication channels were kept open. These requests of tenants who wish to appeal or request a flexible payment plan have been evaluated in line with our management practices.
  • With all this, tenants, other airports in Turkey and the convenience offered to those afforded to other airports tenant MAHB Group aimed to be supported in parallel. "

Emphasizing that MAHB Group's determination to turn Sabiha Gökçen into a developing city airport and a strong connection center is high, Göral said, “Sabiha Gökçen's success in being among the 5 busiest airports in Europe during the pandemic period also reveals this determination. " said.

Stating that ISG, a 100 percent MAHB Group affiliate, has been operating the terminal operations of Sabiha Gökçen Airport since May 1, 2008, Göral gave the following information: “MAHB Group, which purchased the shares of OHS with an investment of 520 million Euros, has been the Defense Industry Presidency. has paid 922,9 million Euros of rent. Moreover, according to a survey conducted in 2018 to 2023 our company will provide direct and indirect employment to 75.000 persons Turkey's economy is estimated to provide an added value of 44 billion dollars. MAHB Group, the confidence of Turkey's economy continues to express at every opportunity, continues its commitment to OHS and growth of the Turkish civil aviation sector. "

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